A Year of Bold Flowers

Hi Darlings,

I hope this finds you in good ‘nick’ (healthy), good spirits and good company :)
I wanted to check in with you, but I’ll be brief today, as my body is detoxing some dental analgesic and I need to mostly rest!

Good things have certainly happened today, too. I had a conversation with Dawn, a friend who has known me all my life. She was after one of my calendars, and happened to mention that she would like one with just flowers – ‘specially nasturtiums! Hoorah – she was asking the right person, wasn’t she? I found images to suit and after a little formatting have made a new Just Flowers Calendar! It looks like this:

Click on the image Click this text link, if you’d like to go to the calendars very own page, there you can check out the pictures for each of the months. I admit May and December are a little bit ‘cheaty’: May is only sage leaves, not flowers, and in December the flowers appear as a pattern on the bowl! Hopefully we aren’t being too pedantic!
When you see it who do you think of? I was thinking these would suit a beloved gardening grandmother a favourite aunty!

A couple of shout outs, for the day:
I bought lovely greeting cards from Emily Balivet. Isn’t her painted goddess artwork exquisite?
A joyful friend makes funky jewellery – you can see at her etsy shop: My Soul Can Dance. I have bought some myself – check out the cool names she gives the pieces!

I had *sad face* news today, too. I had an application ‘in’ to get funding for a mural project for next year. Unfortunately, only 5 of the 19 applications were funded, and ours wasn’t one of them. Never mind, we can always apply again next year :)

You are beautiful. Thanks for reading :)
Take care :)
Meg x o

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