Reflections on patterns in glass

Namaste, Sweetie Pops!
How are you going today?
I hope your actions are reflective and your reflections are active :)

Me? It’s hot here. I wasn’t quite ready for this heat at this time of year. But it’s here. And I’m sweating.

I have decisions waiting to be made.

The garden is waiting, thirsting to be watered.

Buzzy flies are waiting for me to exercise my violent super-power (sorry Buddhist friends) and thwart them.

However it seems that despite all of those things, I am in repose, reflecting and reading Eat Pray Love. I wonder if you’ve read it? I am loving that it’s bringing me to that inquisitive, present state that the writer, Elizabeth Gilbert, is in.

Speaking of reflections, I found another picture to show you from the archives. Do you like the sound of archives, it’s a tiny bit less dusty sounding than vault, do you think?

I love that even a few years ago when I painted this I was already entranced with

  1. nasturtiums
  2. colourful patterned fabric, and
  3. reflections in handmade glass!

These themes are starting to look like, yes – themes! Do you love seemingly simple everyday minutae too? This is one of my latest pictures, quite different in look, but the themes are still embedded right in there.

I have gotten even more intense with the colour and patterns!
I’m starting to pine again now. I want to get another picture on the go. Note to self: Clear space to get going with new artwork on Thursday. And: keep watering nasturtiums, this sudden heat is wilting living things!

I’m using some of the prototypes of my downloadable printable bookmarks in all my concurrent readings :) Let me know if you’ve downloaded your bookmarks and if they’re sticking out of a really great book right now (in the comments section). I’d love to hear what you’re reading that’s ringing true for you.

Take care, dear one.
Much love,
Meg x o


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