Little Bold Drawing #1

Hi Bold Soul,

How are you, sweet one?

Would you like an occasional little black and white drawing picture post from me?

It will be:

  1. in between the other posts,
  2. short streamlined on words,
  3. a recent drawing with a pen.

It won’t be:

  1. getting coloured – ‘cos those pen lines are not waterproof and I don’t want to colour these on the computer,
  2. necessarily relevant or
  3. logical,
  4. “finished” to frame or put on a tshirt, or
  5. explained. I will often not know why I did them, ‘cos sometimes the Right Brain just sends the picture straight to my hand, the pen.

By the way, some friendly Bold Souls are having troubles with my new comments system – are you? :P

Love Meg x o

PS I had a private reply about my opinion about PSs in my last post from the wyldly wise artist Tammy Vitale. Tammy said she likes PSs, and pointed out that a PS can be a record of thought processes and human imperfection, and that those are of value. Good point. Thanks, Tammy :)


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