Live Bold List 27: The second dozen things you might not know about me

Heelloooooo delightful petal!

I’m so pleased you could be here! Hope this finds you blossoming like a Spring garden.

Today I have the second dozen of 4 ‘dozen things you might not know about me’ blog posts. You can check out the first dozen here.

Live Bold List 27: The second dozen things you might not know about me

It must be Get To Know Tangerine Meg day! Here goes:

  1. I do circus training for strength, skills and spirit of camaraderie. Right now, I am pretty sure I don’t wish to perform. This could change. Looks like this wood block print inspired font might be an acrobatics image, doesn’t it? (If you click the links below in #2, you’ll see there’s more to the story than that, but that’s how I want to read it!)
  2. The image above is from the picture font we used for pictures on our wedding invitations and other printed things. It’s the FD J Borges font, based on the lino prints of Brazilian artist / designer J. Borges. [I think a wedding story would be a blog post in itself; would you like to hear about our Bold Wedding?]
  3. I’ve tried to find other options to using the word “normal” ever since being impressed by the “What the hell is normal anyway?” slogan in my primary (elementary) school years [possibly a campaign encouraging respect for persons with disabilities?] I prefer the words “standard”, “typical” “regular” and “average” when necessary, as they are more specific in meaning. What is normal, and who even wants to be ‘normal’? [Are there any other words you prefer? I think that one’s a potential blog post, too.]
  4. When my mentor died I forgot how to feed myself for 3 days. [That too, is a story I’d like to write. It involves clowns. Beautiful Spanish ones, not scary ones. Would you like to read about that?]
  5. I’m getting bolder and bolder as I get older. My current (quiet, personal) campaign is that shorts should definitely be worn (before and) after 40 years of age! [Obviously, when it’s warm. Not now… br-r-rrrrr. Woollen long johns under everything now!]
  6. I have a secret MediumPower: fly swatting. Maybe I enjoy it a little too much. It’s not a Super Power cos I have to concentrate. [Apologies to the insect community.]
  7. I adore being at the beach, whilst extremely respectful of the sheer size and power of the ocean.
  8. I delight in being in The Hills, though simultaneously aware that I don’t travel very well; up the hill and back down, with the altitude change, and my ears, and the pain. Perhaps that’s one of those seemingly unrelated things that will be mitigated by care and support of my thyroid. We’ll see.
  9. I love the ideals of being a hippy, and of leading by example. The current aim is to carve out a hippy version of life in suburbia. [At times re-thinking this, wondering whether it’s too much to bear, living with the noise and other pollution.]
  10. [Caution: possible contentious one] I’m not a fan of PSs (Post Scripts) in electronic mediums. I think they belong on paper. They’re useful when you think of something after you’ve signed off, and you don’t want to hand-write out the whole thing again. I have cut-and-paste on my computer. I’m pretty sure we all do. That’s why you’ll never get a PS from me in any electronic communication. [My husband says they can be funny, and allow you to add extra stuff without breaking the flow of the main bit. Maybe they have a place when used wisely. We’ll see :) ]
  11. In 2004 I completed an 18-month process to shed about 25 kilos (about 55 pounds). 6 years later in 2010 I reached some semblance of understanding that it really wasn’t going to ‘creep back on’.
  12. Had still another noticeable mental milestone this month – I finally digested the idea that you can be healthy when technically “overweight”. I think I really ‘get it’ now. [We’ll see!]

This stuff is so close to me it’s an interesting challenge to put words to it! Feel free to link in the comments to your own such list, if you’ve done one. I’d love to see :)

See you next time,
Love Meg x o




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