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Hey, lovely Bold Soul :)
Hope you’re having a great week!

We’re lucky here in Adelaide, South Australia – though Winter is inexorably approaching we’ve had quite a few bright, warm-for-a-while sunny days – including today, hooray! Had my lunch in the sun by the window, while looking out over the vegie patch. Bask. Bask.

This pic is from Saturday. As you can see I was up a ladder (!) holding a white (ikea) shower curtain ready to diffuse the sunlight! We had a mini photo shoot when my son was in town last week. (He also had all-day professional ones, but that’s another story). Note the Autumny leaves on the satsuma plum tree (at right of photo). It’s the plum tree from my Thriving lino print, do you recognise it? Haha!

Today, I’d like to introduce you to some of the Bold Souls I’ve ‘met’ online, who I admire and have learned from. It would indeed be cool one day to meet them in person! I like what they’re doing, and part of that right now, is offering affiliate links. If you click to them from here, and buy something from them at some point, I will benefit from the sharing. That’s my full disclosure. I am more transparent than that shower curtain I’m holding on the ladder above (I don’t diffuse light quite as well, I admit).

[27 September 2013: many of the links below will be out-of-date – I still recommend the same people!]


Melissa Dinwiddie and Cory Huff who lead the Art Empowers.Me community – as you can see just from those links in that sentence, they are very busy souls, doing so much good work – and that’s not even all of it!
What are they offering next? They are offering 3 Art Empowers Game Changer Calls (that’s the link I want you to click) for people who want to learn about how to sell their art online. Art Empowers.Me does live up to its name. In the community information is freely shared on all the aspects you need to sell your art online like how to build a site, display your art, and get found! Melissa and Cory are informative and kind, and they know what they’re talking about! I am working on the lessons myself, and my thinking has changed a lot already just by being around their sheer confidence.

Pace and Kyeli Smith have many awesome offerings. Coming up faster than a locomotive is their 2012 World Changing Writers Workshop. Get the information here about the Workshop and then use my link to go to the “Pay What you Can Sale” for the final 24hours. I’ve done their year-long course 52 Weeks to Awesome ; I really soaked it up, and will keep it as a reference. Love the fundamental, positive concepts and the bite sized actionable missions :) By the way, you could also download their Connection manifesto for free.

Leonie. Do you know Leonie (the artist formerly known as Goddess Leonie)? The cool thing that she has going on right now is a free downloadable blogging/business introduction: How to be a Biz + Blog Star eBook. She’s been an inspiration ever since I first came across her blog. First she was able to leave her job for the Goddess Biz life, now moving from the beach to the rainforest, along the way letting go of her books and her hair. She’s truly a woman who acts to make her dreams happen, and happily shares with us how she does it so we see that it’s possible fulfill our own big dreams.

Have you noticed I mention Vivienne McMaster (and her work and courses) with regularity? I did her Wading In to Self Portraiture course last year (next offered September 2012), which gently shifted and added to my visual vocabulary; recently I bought “Light Hunters” as an eBook – looking forward to working through it over Winter when things get a bit dark and depressing! Right now, I’m really excited that we’re in the lead up to Vivienne’s “Montage” course – learning to make our own video! Can. Not. Wait.
I hope you will click through and find something in the way of learning about Photography and Self Portraiture that will speak to you. You can also get a sense of Vivienne’s playfulness and expertise in her post, The Dangers of Self Portraiture :D

Tell me, Bold Soul, who of the above people do you already know, and who is new to you?

Next time (I hope): 12 more things you might not know about me! If you’re not sure what I mean by that, check out the first one here.

Much love,
Meg x o

2 thoughts on “Bold Soul meet Bold Soul”

  1. Hi  @MelissaDinwiddie! My pleasure! You guys at ArtEmpowers.Me offer so much support and practical information – feels like I’ve only begun to scratch the surface!I think you will very much enjoy Vivienne’s offerings :)Love Meg x o

  2. MelissaDinwiddie

    Hey Meg! What a delight to find your post. Thanks for the shout-out, and for sharing ArtEmpowers.Me! I wasn’t familiar with Vivienne, and am very glad to know about her. :)

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