A myriad of celebrations

Dearest Bold Soul,
Hope your week has had delight aplenty, as well as challenges, aka. learning-missions!

Thanks to all Bold Souls who entered my Mothers Day Giveaway 2012. I loved hearing from you x o x o. The winner, Beth T, chose a “The Rug – Blue Cat” Digital Fine Art Print (seen below) to adorn her cat room. I adore that she has a cat room, can you imagine the permeating atmosphere of contentment? *Sigh*

Beth emailed that it has arrived safely. Hoorah for “Pack and Track”!

One last Mothers Day opportunity to win of one of my prints still exists (obviously you can go here and boldly buy them too!): if you spend $100+ at bodywise underwear (for women who are comfortable with their bodies) before May 13th you go in their Mothers Day draw to win some lovely comfy underwear and one of my prints. Go forth and acquire comfy, underwire free, undergarments – worth it with or without a bonus art print!
If you are here ‘cos you clicked through from bodywise… Hellloooooooo! Welcome! I’d love if you joined our joyful & bold, colourful & curious wanderings :)

By the way, it’s here: Happy Mothers Day! x o

[Added later: Hello gorgeouses who’ve clicked through from Liv Lane’s Bliss List Link Party! This celebration list is my party plate :) ]

These gorgeous magenta ‘pompom’ flowers from the Farmers Market lasted so well that I was able to make some drawings and paintings of them in the middle of the week. Hoorah! Oh gosh, I love being right there, applying colour to paper – delicious! :)

The artwork emanating from this very Pom Pom Posy is now complete, and will be in the next eNewsletter! Sign up to my Bold Art eNews if you want to get first wind of this and other ripe juicy one-of-a-kind and limited edition artwork. Also included in the inbox communiques: work in progress pictures, and behind the scenes sneak peeks that don’t get shown here.

You know I love to ride a bike in my own non-lycra focussed way? Here’s a cool article I just read, with a similar practical, enjoy-the-ride flavour. Specially note Number 7; though I’m not a big wearer of high heeled shoes, I love that the author appreciates cyclists wearing their “usual outfits” :) Specially note all ten points, really!

I am so glad and grateful that Orange Cat likes being at the vet. It’s a bit much for him on the (short) drive, but once he’s there he’s as happy as Larry. While the vet was listening through a pet stethoscope to his catty chest he was purring so much that she said it was “… really noisy in there”. (He was at the vet due to a scratch-getting-worse after a fight, and is now healed nicely.)
Here he is being relaxed on a quilt for a change (instead of at the vet or in a cardboard box):

Oops, now I’ve remembered again, I’d like to mention: Bold Souls who are signed up for my Bold Art eNewsletter who type in their birthdate? They get a birthday email. I started doing the birthday emails this January, and have unexpectedly received sweet replies from Bold Souls who’ve had their birthday already this year. Let us mark What Bold Souls say Friday (for a change) with a birthday email reply:

“Reading my fabulous email from you Meg! and also shakin’ my groove thing along to the fantastic play list!!? Such a wonderful way to continue through the day, Thank you so much ^_^”
– from a Bold Soul eNewsletter subscriber, upon receiving her Birthday email

Thank you, Lovely, for letting me know you enjoyed it!

Let’s get a little random, now, with a cool fact that made my day last Thursday. I was researching well known oboe players (more about why I’m doing that in the fullness of time) and got quite a kick out of discovering: John De Lancie, the oboist, is the father of John De Lancie, the actor, (who played Q in lots of Star Trek episodes one of which was on only last week, and many other cool roles including one on StarGate) and he‘s the father of John De Lancie (who in one Star Trek episode played son of Q!). Ah, connections, and finding out synchronous things with synchronicity, lines up the particles and puts a smile on your face, doesn’t it?

And let’s wind up this longish post with a morsel of sweet, sweet techy joy: I spent last Saturday afternoon updating my website and adding fun things to it. ‘Twas mostly behind the scenes, but does include a smart-looking new comment system which should be visible below :) I’ve been planning this for weeks and am calmly excited that the additions went so smoothly (touch wood). I’d love you to use the sweet new comments section to chat about your week – maybe about small and/or large things you are pleased you noticed.

I’m always glad to see you, dearest Bold Soul, in the comments section, on Facebook, and on the eNewsletter list !

Have a tangy, sweet, home-grown week!
Lots of love,
Meg x o



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  2. I loooove those pompom flowers! I can imagine a room with those flowers AND one of your wonderful cat prints. Would be such a nice combination. :)

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