Live Bold List 28: Juice of gratitude

Helloooooo wonderful Bold Soul :)
Hope this finds you blooming, blossoming and maybe even beaming! :D

Thanks mum, for the lisianthus (sp?) flowers – they lasted for ages!
This photo of them is for you, and for blog-reading Bold Souls, too:

Are you ready for a fairly random list of things and noticings? Here goes:

Live Bold List 28: Juice of Gratitude

  1. I had blood (juice de moi!) taken to measure if my thyroid medication is at the right level. I’m going to go again this week and give a second lot, cos they forgot to take the extra tube needed for part of the test. Anecdotally though, it feels as though it’s at the right level!
  2. Acknowledging after the blood-giving that it had been a mini-trauma; pleased that I am getting much better at recognising such things; and being kind to myself, as I would to another. It needs to be done, but it’s *not* nothing.
  3. I have a lovely little blue car (new). It’s manual, and I’m re-learning gear driving! Like juggling, it seems to make a noticable (good) difference in for right brain / left brain, right hand / left hand, right foot / left foot co-ordination!
  4. Bought what seems like huge amounts of luscious printing / painting paper, and a stack of fresh lino blocks. Yummy abundance – of the art supplies flavour!
  5. Circumstances gave me an extra week respite on our total empty nest situation. (Long story, won’t go into detail, but second child left home for a short time and is now back for a short time!) I felt lucky, as this gave me time to get used to the emptiness, and then beautifully didn’t make it into a once-off endurance thing. (I foresee a full blog post on the empty nest coming soon).
  6. Also in honour of said empty nest situation, I reslove to prioritise finishing the recessed “Winging It” lino print edition.
  7. There’s been so much rain here. In between the showers is that light that’s so lovely for photographs. Where I live we have a long Dry Season, so any stretch of time when you don’t have to regularly be attending to watering the garden is a blessing.
  8. Finished a brand new print, have started trialling the colours, and *so* nearly ready to share. By the way, if you want to see the best work-in-progress shots, and the completed artworks *first*, it’s simple: join my mailing list, Bold Soul!
  9. I’m loving watching the nasturtium plants grow. And the main tomato plant is hanging on through Autumn and now Winter ‘cos it’s got such a ‘sun-catchy’ spot.
  10. Re-connected with 3 wonderful people from my past. One online and two in person. I’ve really enjoyed hearing about their lives, happenings and travels.

Did you have anything this week, that was great or that you turned around in your head so you could see its bright side, or interesting or happy that you’d like to tell us about this week, Bold Soul? I’d love to hear. Or leave us a link if you’ve blogged about it. Also, say ‘hi’ in the comments if you want to try out the new comments system, if you have or if haven’t done so before, or if you’re visiting from Liv Lane’s Bliss List link party! :) All Bold Souls are welcome, Spammy Robots are not :P

Much love,
Tangerine Meg x o


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  2. Hi Meg. Thanks for sharing your list – I replanted some nasturtiums today too! I love their colour, their smell and juiciness! They;re so gorgeous AND we can eat them! Good to hear that you are looking after yourself and acknowledging your health journey. Lesley :)

    • Thanks for saying ‘hi’, Lesley!
      Hoorah, another member of the nasturtium sisterhood – haha! :)
      Love Meg x o

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