Compliments, mostly

Hello beloved be-lovelies!
I hope you’ve had a gorgeous week :)

I still feel like I’m putting my tender heart out there when you see my art! So I’m being very bold here and showing you the picture I made when I had just been reading this Danielle LaPorte article on Mothering dot com. Remember Kyeli’s article on Kind over Matter about compliments, too? (Here’s *my* previous compliments post!) Sometimes the people-in-my-picture’s arms look like that wizard from Harry Potter has got at them and de-boned them (remember the one who thought he was better than he really was? Book 2, I think)! I like the ‘flowery’ speech bubble, and the recipient’s heart garden blossoming :)

It’s fun practicing compliments :) I complimented a purple haired granny (on her purple hair, of course!) today who’s eyes brightened, I think she may’ve been having some challenges with the person she was with :P

Having acknowledged that a simple earnest compliment is a lovely way to connect with someone, it occurs to me that the receiving – and accepting in one’s heart – can sometimes need to be learned. I’ve gotten better over the years at accepting a personal compliment (“Thank you” without putdown, defence or deflection). Receiving kind words about my art, I still find is a science and an art all of its own! It sure doesn’t come readily! Good to learn, though, it’s a positive way to start conversation and make a connection on a real/heart plane, right?
(I’m not – as my grandmother would say – “fishing for compliments” here! I would be truly horrified if that’s how this came across.)

Leave me a comment if you can a) remember the name of that wizard (I glanced here which both amazed and overwhelmed!), b) if you’ve been practicing giving and receiving compliments, and how that’s going, or c) if you’re visiting, Bold Soul, and you want to say ‘hi’ – let me know how you found my blog/site if you like :)

You are a delight, Bold Soul; Thanks for being here :)
Have a lovely week!
Much love,
Tangerine Meg x o