Live Bold List 28: Rules for Bold Living sans foisting

Header image for Rules for Bold Living, Includes hand written rules overlaid onto watercolour rainbow background and little Tangerine Meg silhouette

Hey sweet petal!
How’s your bold day going? I hope it is wonderfully brilliantly blue – not sad blue, brilliant blue. The sky here today is clear and amazing, and what a relief after quite a spate of gray. Gray clouds, that great light, and rain completely have their own beauty, but a girl needs her Vitamin D, right? … And the warmth of the Sun :)

After reading this blog post of Jennifer Pastiloff’s and a 14-year-old’s rules to live by I came up with this list of my own. I’m very influenced by bloggers, aren’t I? I get a lot out of reading blogs. I often find them helpful and inspiring. Humans really have so many similarities, don’t we?

Re: this list today… I don’t want to be foisting “rules” upon you. Crikey, there are so many sets of rules – plenty of them arbitrary – in the world! Really it’s more of a reminder to myself of things I’d like to remember, that may be of interest to you.

 Here it is typed:

Live Bold List 28 [later: oops 29]: Rules for Bold Living sans foisting

  1. Always [another of my use-with-caution words] have artwork in progress
  2. Have a book in progress
  3. Wash often enough. Self, dishes, windows.
  4. Choose the colourful, patterned one.
  5. Keep warm.
  6. Move enough to be a bit sore for not quite the next whole week.
  7. Yoga. Everyday and sometimes classes. Dogpose will save you from an old back. your back getting old.
  8. Drink water. The thing that ‘works’ in the other drink is water anyway.
  9. Wear shoes that are designed to respect your skeleton.
  10. Breathe clean air.
  11. Campaign, if necessary, to get the air clean enough for breathing.
  12. Same for sound and water cleanness.
  13. Grow things. They remind of & inspire for life.
  14. Love sweetly in the different ways that are possible/caring/appropriate for lovers, family, friends, people at classes or out walking/riding too.
  15. Sleep is magic.
  16. Take good care of your thyroid &
  17. Bless piggies as needed

Visually (so far) this has been a bit black and white today, hasn’t it? Want some colour? I know I do! Here’s the one that Stripey Cat was supervising – finito!

I’ve started to mix and match words with artwork and photos. I was wondering, do you have any suggestions for words or a favourite quote you think would go well with any of my paintings (or prints)? I’d love to hear what combos you come up with :) I think that one above will lend itself to something a little bit lucy-in-the-sky-with-diamonds, don’t you? The idea will be to put some of them up on Pinterest. I’m newly on there, and still learning how it works!

Let me know in the comments if you have a quote/picture combo to suggest, and also I’d love if you link to any “Rules to Live By” style lists that you have written, or even type the list itself into the comment box, if you like!

Have a wondrous week,
Love Meg x o

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