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Hey lovely Bold Soul,
Hope this finds you utterly thriving :) This is an extra (bonus!) post for you today, with a quick ‘share’.

I may have mentioned that I’m excited to be in a group exhibition for SALA (South Australian Living Artists) Festival? The artwork is all organised, now I’m deciding what to wear to the exhibition opening and wondering what my awesome creative hairdresser will do with my hair – I’ll get photos! However I must not have been in touch with the promotions and so on, because lo and behold, I went to deliver my artwork today, and was surprised and delighted to discovered that my Thriving hand coloured limited edition lino print (sentence continued after the picture!) …

is not only adorning Pepper St Arts Centre’s own publication, when advertising the exhibition:

but also, in the Adelaide Review advertisement of the exhibition!

What an wonderful surprise :) I drove home in the sunshine in my little blue car with a big smile in my heart!
[One gives permission for such use when applying for an exhibition, if you were wondering, but in a group show you don’t know which one, or whose, will get chosen!]

Here are the details of the exhibition again, in case you’re in South Australia, and get a chance to visit it:

It’s called In Your Backyard, and will be at Pepper St Arts Centre, 558 Magill Road, Magill, (South Australia) from 5 – 24 August. The opening (or “Community Launch Event” to be precise) is on Sunday August 5 (that’s this Sunday, Bold Soul) at 2pm. Want to come? Pepper St do these events well – this one is to include music, and demonstrations of jewellery, printmaking and painting.
I would love to see you there. If you come to the launch *and* wear (ok, or bring) something stripey and I will give you one of my new Tangerine Meg Rainbow Lady postcards as a thank you for bringing your bold self along :) Usual gallery hours (when it’s not a community launch day) are Tuesday to Saturday, 12noon to 5pm.

Have a great week,
Love Meg x o

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