New baseball tshirts and cats and butterflies

Hello lovely Bold Soul!

I hope your week has been scrum-diddly-marvellous :)

I’ve been having lots of fun this week making tshirt designs – converting a swirly cat that emerged from a page of patterny doodles, and adapting the 3 Butterfly tshirt into a different (crowded, jewelly) array. Red Bubble (the company that makes my tshirts) have re-branded themselves a bit, and have introduced a three-quarter sleeve (or ‘baseball style’) tshirt. Three quarter sleeves are my favourite sleeve length of all time (I think I inherited that from Tangerine Mum) so I am enthusiastic about this. Would you like to see what I made?

Heeeeeere’s Rufus (black print) ^^^ on one of the great new baseball tees. I don’t know if you’ve ordered custom clothing like this online before (let me know in the comments if you like); the way you do it is: navigate to the picture you like (here’s a link to my Tangerine Meg designs!), once there, choose the shirt style, size and colour (oh and whether you want it printed on the front or back of the shirt) to make your order. I have uploaded a black print version ^^^ and a white print version vvv. This week I’ll be making available pink print, purple print, green print and orange print versions.

Here’s Rufus (white print) on an orange ‘Girly cut’ tshirt. As you may have read in my FAQ, I usually buy one or even 2 sizes bigger in the girly cut as they are quite a small style. Also now offered at Red Bubble: Girly Cut in organic cotton – choose “Girly Cut in Organic” style when ordering (the available colours are more limited).

Here’s the new butterfly design “Butterflies before your eyes” on a green-sleeved baseball shirt. Pretty, huh?

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I’m not a big fan of white tshirts (hello, Bold Soul Sister Yvette) – even these nice clean ones that are only partially white. So, I have bold plans to get some of these baseball tshirts and dye them! If all goes well I shall post a tutorial of that process – including a good way to choose the colours to combine for the shirt and the dye. Would you be into that, Bold Soul?

In the comments: Have you ever bought custom tshirts online? How did it go? Would you be interested in a ‘tshirt dyeing tutorial’?

Must away, I need to get a few more things done before the sunlight goes.
Much love,
Tangerine Meg x o

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