Live Bold List 30: The third dozen things you might not know about me

Dearest Bold Soul,
((Hugs)) May this find you well and in peace, surrounded by love and colour and light.

If you’ve been playing along at home, you’ll know that this list is all about breaking a indomitable-seeming number of list items down into manageable groups, this being the 3rd set of 4! The first set is here, and the second here.

Live Bold List 30: The third dozen things you might not know about me

I’d love it if you’d let me know in the comments section if you have some of the same quirky interests or hobbies :)

  1. Baseball Movies. I get surprisingly revved up about baseball movies. A few favourites: Field of Dreams, Bull Durham, A League of Their Own, The Rookie (Rachel Griffiths and Dennis Quaid), Major League (dodgy in spots, but the last scene signals time for dancing!) and The Natural. I thought I knew quite a few baseball movies. Check out this list, though – I found a few ‘newies’ to watch and about 192 I didn’t know of *at all*!
  2. For a short while in High School, I produced a 1-page newsletter. There were just a few issues, typed on a typewriter! I photocopied (or did I use carbon paper?) about 3 copies of each! It was full of silliness, puns and long sentences.
  3. Sometimes I write and draw in chalk on our concrete driveway.
  4. I’m sometimes ambivalent towards cats. I love them at the same time though, and they do make great mewses [muses – haha!] I have some funny drawings about this; for another time though, grasshopper, another time.
  5. I have chameleonic handwriting. Less of a super power that could have been used for something profitable like forgery, but more in a Tara comes-and-goes *surp-ri-iiise* kind of way.
  6. I love nasturtiums. Well, you might already know that part. What you probably don’t know is that when I was younger and my grandfather died in another city, Tangerine Mum put nasturtiums into the mix of flowers at his funeral to represent me.
  7. I don’t watch the TV News or read the paper. I consider it info-tainment. Also, it tends to depress me. I don’t have blinkers on – I find out current events via other means. I find Leagues of Usses quite empowering as their information emails often link to petitions which can be signed online quite quickly to add an extra voice to a worthwhile point of view.
  8. Sometimes I read 3 to 5 books at once, and in other periods I plough right through 1 in a matter of a few intensive days.
  9. I don’t remember ever having had a tantrum in my life before, ’til I did when I thought I was going to miss a long awaited stilts class. Thanks Tangerine Man for your patience :/
  10. I try to avoid stepping on members of the local Ant community. There’s a wide area of them going about their insect lives just when I’m coming into the home stretch of a jog. Stepping between them whilst jogging makes my gait all horse steppy and prancy. It makes me think of a comic series I used to read in primary school: Lucky Luke. Have you read it? I’m thinking of the scenes when the bad guys shoot the floor near Lucky Luke’s feet to intimidate him / make him ‘dance’.
  11. I am trained as a Beginning Experience facilitator. Lots of listening training there! Not sure if that training actually accentuates my introversion or not – probably; oh well, it’s good to speak up as well as to listen really well!
  12. My access to my intra-brainular vocabulary seems to come and go, as if on and off-line. Sometimes I *know* there is a word with a specific meaning, but can not bring it to mind. It’s not like, just getting older, this seems to wax and wane with health.

Well, one more dozen to go. In a month or so. Then… guess how old I’ll be? Haha!

Have a wonderful week, Bold Soul!
Love Meg x o



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