Ranuncs and Self Portraits

Hey Lovely!

I hope this finds you doing absolutely swimmingly, bathing in light and joy and colour… mmmm.

Want more colour? I have some to share from my hairdresser artist, and some Farmers Market ranuncs. [That’s me pretending to be so botanically cool (or would that be coolly botanical?) that I am authorised to abbreviate ‘ranunculus’! Haha! :D ]

Just look at that sweet flower light reflecting on my face!

I was inexorably drawn to my camera this time I had my hair done – the hair colours were so gorgeous and vibrant, I wanted a photograph with the sunlight shining on them, almost setting them alight. Do the freshly done colours make you smile, too?

As you might know, I’m a *huge* fan of Vivienne McMasters’ photography courses. (<<< Affiliate link in the sentence there.) I’ve *adored* all of Vivienne’s courses that I have done – she is fantastic! If you see goodness in my photo self portraits, it’s because I have learned things from Vivienne.

Remember yesterdays picture post? You can see where that shot came from ^^^ Here’s its photograph cousin vvv

I love the frilled transparency of the petals and the blurry vase and the light here:

Oh, and the colour in this one!

In the next one I like the green reflection in my eye! And, perhaps surprisingly, am happy to see how nicely my eye crinkles are developing :)

I don’t really like that my new glasses are brown :( but I *do* like the shape :) and they come out pretty sharp in these photos, don’t they?

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“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.”

Have a wonderful week,
Love Meg x o


4 thoughts on “Ranuncs and Self Portraits”

  1. Hey Lovely Tammy! Thank you so much for your kind comment!
    I am using a little Canon PowerShot A480. I think these self-portraits were mostly taken at arm’s length; I now also have a tiny bendy tripod that I want to get used to using, probably with the timer mechanism. So glad you like them!

  2. First: LOVE THE HAIR! Really Really love it! Then: the photos are absolutely amazing! How are you taking them and what kind of camera are you using? They’re wonderful! And I can’t tell you which of the photos is my favorite – each has it’s own energy and flavor and calls to a different part of me. So exciting!

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