The Intuition Project

Dearest Bold Souls,

I am so happy to have been a part of this video project, curated by Brandi Reynolds. “The Intuition Project” is now complete.

I’ve watched it twice already, and I write this to you with a face relaxed by a big wide smile, and a tear in my eye.

Enjoy, and pass it on.
Love Meg x o

4 thoughts on “The Intuition Project”

  1. what a fabulous idea! Well done ladies!

    Many of the sentiments are familiar, but what this reinforces, is that all of us have something unique and special to bring to the party, and that each time we see or hear it, we get something new.

    (love your paintings, by the way!)

    Randi Casenza

  2. Our stories ARE what saves us – for in the end all we have is stories. Loved your art – so differnt without the color and yet so much you. This is beautiful!

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