Wrapping up the small stones

Hey Bold Soul,

How are you, lovely? I hope this finds you getting plenty of basking, sparkling and rest!
How is it that February is almost over? Eep!
I know how my February is mostly over (I was away), but how is everybody’s timeline February mostly over?

What happened with the Small Stones

You might have noticed that my January posting of Small Stone (shortish mindful noticing writing) posts kind of petered out. I made peace with that ‘failing’ the first day I realised I wasn’t going to be able to post.

I got what I needed and wanted out of the ones I did, which was to realise it’s a practisable skill to notice moments, and try to describe them. (When I started – fully intending to do the whole of January – I’d forgotten that the busiest time at work would be upon us, and I might become rather pre-occupied and tired!)

It was more important to be kind to myself than to post every single day. Yey, me! I did the self kindness thing, and got practise at Not Beating My Precious Self Up! Hoorah!

Here are the last of the pile…

17 January 2013 Angry face in the frying pan made of egg. ‘Specially messy when I flipped it over and broke one of the yolk eyes.

17 January 2013 White crescent moon mostly hiding behind clouds.

17 January 2013
bare feet on hot concrete
the lightest drops of sprinkler spray
the still street
5 minutes only of water on the grass – water restrictions, dontcha know?

[That was an exciting day… 3 small stones! I like it how the noticing of the moon the previous day kind of reminded me to notice it again. And how the practise of being in the present for even just a moment, sometime in the day, encourages even more moments of presence.]

21 January 2013
Soon it will be time to put away the Christmas things.
Candles wilting in Aussie heat, cards pegged to garlands of star lights.

23 January 2013
wet metal forks and knives waiting in the metal sink

26 January 2013
soft, rhythmic crunch of
fancy running shoe stuff
dirt & gravel

27 January 2013
[Judging when to pick the grapes grown in the yard]
trying to find the sweet spot in between patience & going for it –
sorry to find 10 bunches of sweet table grapes stripped to the bones

… and a bonus one

Learnt from the cat and lay on the cool slab floor in the heat of the day. The slab didn’t become warm with my clammy touch. The hot air weighed on me, though. Now I’m at the computer, sweating again.

[I don’t seem to be able to find a Small Stone / Write Your Way Home link I can send you too, anymore; I think they might have moved (web) house. Let me know if you find them again and I’ll update this.]

I’ve been away doing a family thing, so that’s why I pretty much didn’t post in February. I’m glad to be back! Did you miss me? (Haha! What movie is that from?)

Fringe Exhibition opening

I currently have 2 lino prints and a watercolour in the 2013 Adelaide Fringe Crazy for Cats exhibition.
The opening went very well: great feline themed music, really nice people, and a light and cat art filled room. What more could a girl ask for? I had a lovely time. It’s still on for almost another month; go check it out if you’re an Adelaide dweller who likes cats :)

If you didn’t get the email I sent out about that, perhaps you’d like to get on my mailing list? If you do join my mailing list, or if you’re already on it, be sure and fill out the (new) section about coming to my Art Lessons.

See you soon.
Love Meg x o

2 thoughts on “Wrapping up the small stones”

  1. I love the decision to be kind to yourself – and the original wisdom of doing it for a month – I would have tried a year. Small bites are good! and very tasty! and teach us lots – thanks for sharing!

    1. Hey, Tammy!
      Alas I cannot take credit for the chosen “do-able” time frame – it was part of the River of Stones challenge! Indeed it was a good tasty little learning experience :)
      Talk soon, Love Meg x o

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