How I broke my personal rule but followed my intuition on Christmas Day

Dearest Bold Soul,

I hope this finds you revelling, ranting, in repose, relishing &/or recumbent. Tell me about it in the comments!
I am: writing, reflecting and grateful in retrospect that the holiday season has come and gone without generating too much wreckage.

I have a general rule that I follow (do you have the same one?): That I minimise shopping at airports…

On Christmas morning – mere weeks ago though it feels an eternity – I was at Adelaide Airport to pick up my lovely oldest son (who now lives in Sydney). I had about 20 minutes ’til his flight landed and randomly remembered there was an accessory shop with nice cotton tops the last time I hurried past. I went to have a “…really quick look”; found tops that are ‘the kind of thing I wear’; that fitted; and were not expensive to begin with and now had 30% off.

I collected my son from the gate in this new elephant top! Haha!

me_seated with elephant top2

That’s how it happened. By the way, d’ya like my new hair? I’m loving how short and easy it is – and the pink! [I’m not sure what I was doing with the awkward hand under the chin pose, but this was the best of the shots I took! And I wore a different pair of bottoms for Christmas – not my ‘play shorts’ as shown here!]

My family assembled for Christmas lunch at our house. We had shelter from the sun under my market tent, and for the table we used one of my market trestles. It was a group effort putting up the tent, setting up the chairs, table and coverings/settings. We were lucky enough to have a fairly simple meal, largely fresh and seasonal things from the Farmers Market. I am relieved and proud to say that I didn’t get flustered with the gathering being at mine; I did barely any cleaning and the minimum organising, and it was nice and relaxed.

My son took this pic of our Christmas table, with the faded Aussie Summer colours, and dear Orange Cat perusing his domain from new found (and shortly to be again dismantled) vantage point!

Xmas table2012_biggerAfterwards, those that had other parents to go to went there, and others of us went to visit members of the family who are in nursing homes.

Can this really be the first ‘newsy’ blog post I’ve sent you since Christmas? I’ve certainly posted more posts than ever because of doing the small stone thing!

I’ve not been idle whilst not posting newsy posts. I’ve been working at my job more hours than usual, and dealing with the Aussie Summer heat! And, did you know? I also made a little resource, an overview of how to get artwork framed. It’s an eLeaflet you can download, called How do I frame my lino print? (Or one-of-a-kind watercolour or other artwork on paper?). Check it out! Download. [Print out if you wish.] Share. If you appreciate it, drop a tip in my new electronic Tip Jar. You can of course do that anytime that you get something out of my artwork/website, or feel/are able to generally support an independent artist!

Here’s the cover (not a clickable link, please use the text links):

How do I frame my lino print_coverGo here to check it out. I hope it’s useful. Let me know if it is! Or email me or contact me some-other-how ‘specially if you have additional framing or art collecting questions! I do love to be helpful! :D

Have you ever done something that you you didn’t think you would, that you *completely don’t regret*? (Haha, like marrying a much younger man, or shopping for clothes at the airport). I’d love to hear in the comments section, lovely…

Love Meg x o

PS I bought 2 elephant tops. The other one is pink!


How I broke my personal rule but followed my intuition on Christmas Day — 6 Comments

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  2. Hi Sue! Thanks for sharing, it’s nice to ‘meet’ you!
    Haha – not to worry, there are lots of kindred fruit *and* book lovers around these parts! Did you get yourself some of my downloadable bookmarks on the Gifts For You page? ^^^
    I’d love to see your blog – can you post the address for us?
    Love Meg x o

  3. I have been married to a man 13.5 years younger than me for 28 years. We got together at the point in the year when I am 14 years older than him. I was 34. He was legal. ;) Love your top – wish I could find something like that around here. But we have snow on the ground right now so I guess I probably couldn’t wear it anyways!

    • Haha! So is the legal age 20 in the US?
      Sounds like that pairing has really lasted well! My husband is 13 years younger than me most of the year, and we have been married for 3 years – so I’ll take your enduring partnership as a good sign :)
      Perhaps I can lend my elephant top to you, over my Southern hemisphere Winter – I’ll mail it to you in May… how does that sound?
      Love Meg x o

  4. Love the elephants reminds me of a dress I had as a child..and as a child and for much of my young adult life I had a fear of public toilets , probably because the ones in the country had half walls and the dreaded box and pull chain flush mechanism or they were drop dunnies in the mid north with resident stumpie lizards, I spent much of my life refusing to use the public loos and would hold on for hours if need be.about 10 yrs ago I spent the weekend with my sisters in Melbourne where we all needed to use the new you beaut self cleaning self flushing auto door opening when hand washing is complete loo on a big intersection in busy Melbourne. We entred together for fear of being flushed away and as my eldest sister was pearched over the loo I washed my hands and woosh the automatic door flew open .some lucky drivers got of glimpse of my sister with her pants down . Funny though my fear of public toilets has vanished.

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