Two TED talks, a Ninja Nana and the Night Markets

Dearest Bold Soul,
How are you, Lovely? Fascinating, frilled and fabulous I hope :)
I am happily making things, writing things, anticipating my dinner. A typical, good day :)

You may have seen this TED talk by Amanda Palmer. I loved being reminded that so much interaction is easy these days amongst musicians, artists, makers, and customers, fans, followers, friends. Fun! I guess a blog is part of that communication river flow, too.

Then the TED site thought I might like to watch this one – and I did – in which a lovely lady (who does make her living from modelling) gives an insider’s view on what it’s really like, and how having to be aware of how you look every day can mess with your self esteem. The video also confirmed that it’s unlikely I’ll ever be paid to be a super duper model – thighs too ‘big’, hair not shiny enough. Oh, also, a few decades past the current preferred age group. Haha! I like my rainbow hair and strong thighs. Oh well, bad luck, modelling world – your loss!

Do you know of the actress Doris Roberts, known as Grandma from (tv show) Everybody Loves Raymond? I watched Aliens in the Attic on DVD, and she plays the Nana in that movie. I was thinking about the cool ninja-y stunts she does in the movie and wondering whether she did them herself. So I looked her up on the intertangle. It appears she did. I’m really impressed!

A week or so ago, I had an art stall at the so called “Damn the Man” Night Markets. Great fun, though a rather long day. The organisers had it really well set up; me and a bunch of other stall holders were in a big shed that was sheltered by shipping containers, and decorated with strands of coloured light globes like carnival lighting. Outside were uncommon/healthy food caravans (hellooooo Curry on Wheels!), and there were heaps of vintage clothes stalls, and some bars and stuff. Also, flaggy kind of sculptures, and live music all day.
If you’re in Adelaide and want to come to my art stand, I now have a little section in the side bar >> to the right of this blog post >> that I will keep up to date with which markets I’ll be at.

By the way, buying framed pictures is heaps cheaper if you come direct to me at markets. Even though I do my own website, and it is direct to/from me, we’ll not have to include the added costs of boxing, postage, etc. I do recommend purchasing artworks unframed if you’re outside of Adelaide. I have a little leaflet to guide you in the right direction if you haven’t framed stuff before.

Please excuse my lack of photos! My camera has come to the end of its life and will cost as much to fix as it would to replace with an even more wonderful one. Hopefully this week, the even more wonderful one will be mine! Mwahahahaha :D Then I shall probably blitz you with more photos that either of us can currently even envisage!

Leave me a comment below, if you too have strong ‘unmodelly’ thighs, and/or rainbow or unruly or crinkly or somehow ‘unmodelly’ hair that you absolutely lo-o-ove! Or, if you have a neat little camera that you use – which one do you have, and which brand? Or, anything else bold art, bold life, bold soul-icious that comes to mind that you’d like to chat about :) Let’s model the ‘unmodelly’.

Meg x o

PS This post shan’t be completely without images. Here’s my new nasturtium still life. One only. True.


Two TED talks, a Ninja Nana and the Night Markets — 2 Comments

  1. I have strong thighs to be sure! And a body that’s seen better days decades ago. But it’s still sturdy and gets me around with a dirth of aches and pains and so I honor it whether or not society does!

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