Live Bold List 33: More, or less? More swearing. Less worrying.

Hello dear and shining bold soul!

I hope this finds you alive and well and living in Paris! Wait… living where you want to live, of course – but don’t you love that movie title? I must put it on my To Watch list.
I am alive and well and living in Adelaide, Australia – as I have been for many years – maybe it’s time to think about changing that! Haha! I’ve was in Victoria last weekend, where the women called me “Darl” I loved it – so sweet! I want to call people ‘darl’ now, too!

This blog post comes to you as a side effect of me reading the lovely book When I loved myself enough, by Kim McMillen with Alison McMillen, because I came across the statement: “When I loved myself enough… I started writing about my life and views because I knew this was my right and my responsibility.” Enough said? Let’s get going!

you-are-beautiful-white-flowersCrikey, I haven’t done a Live Bold List since that massive one last year on my birthday!

Live Bold List 33: More, or less? More swearing. Less worrying.

It’s probably going to be an ongoing process for me to quit from “worrying” being my default way of coping with situations good and bad; however, I’m planning to:

  1. Swear more [I’ve decided to stop restraining myself from swearing in all but a few particular situations, and let it out, like a valve letting out steam]
  2. Worry less
  3. Live more [embrace the happy and the sad; go with the flow; enjoy; you never know when you’re going to suddenly have a stroke and the relative importance of things will become clear in a heartbeat. That just happened to a friend of mine]
  4. Worry less
  5. Throw out more ‘stuff’ [I have a friend teed up to help!]
  6. Worry less [are you discerning a pattern forming? Haha ;) ]
  7. Thank more [that’s a good feeling, isn’t it?]
  8. Worry less
  9. Notice my centre and my breathing more often [then: see #7]
  10. Worry less
  11. Take more “ice-block walks” [Take a tube of Farmers Market frozen orange juice from the freezer; start walk while eating it; get hydrated, keep cool, feel simple freedom like when I was a kid]
  12. Worry less
  13. Go on more bike rides to take flowers to my housebound neighbour [that takes both of us back to childhood with the homegrown scents!]
  14. Worry less
  15. Do the thing, step by step, with enjoyment
  16. Worry less
  17. Have confidence in my experience and skills
  18. Worry less
  19. Go on more photo walks [see what I found:]


  20. Worry less
  21. Draw more fish and birds and add in random references [that’s random too, right? I’ll show you some time]
  22. Worry less
  23. Play with art and flowers in the sun [see aforementioned “Live more”]
  24. Worry less

I’m very aware that half of the 24 list items were “Worry less”. I know myself – I have a history of concerted worrying; it’s just not enjoyable or useful! Time to make more choices for the beautiful thoughts, to live life well. [As alluded to in my Bold Living ‘picture post’ on Monday.]

Tell me, what would you do with the time you’d save if you quit worrying?

See you soon, Darl…
Love Meg x o

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Live Bold List 33: More, or less? More swearing. Less worrying. — 4 Comments

  1. hey – did you forget to put on your list: “worry less”? ;)
    lovely list! I remember reading the Secret Garden by chance in 2nd grade and remember loving it. Perhaps i should read it again! Love LOVE love your photo posters! Put them on FB so I can share!

    • Haha! Yes, probably!
      Thanks, lovely You!
      I got more out of The Secret Garden this time, than I remembered being in it!
      I’ll put this up on FB now, and it will get re-posted when gets to the top of the queue, too :)

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