Bye red camera!

Dear Red Camera,

Farewell good friend! I got you right before my honeymoon, where you and I took many of the photos – I’ll never forget you. You showed me the freedom of digital and of more-automatic-than-I-ever-imagined-I-could-be-comfortable-with-when-I-was-learning-about-photography-at-art-school-and-using-all-manual!

I so would’ve repaired you if it wasn’t going to cost more than getting a newer, better camera.

I’m sorry not to be able to take photos any more with you. I will miss your red colour, your perfect size for my hand and your lens whirring out or in when I switched you on or off. I am sure you loved nestling in the rainbow felted camera pouch, too.

:( Love Meg

bye-red-camera_colourdropped in

Dear new grey camera,

Welcome, little one! You have *crazy bigger better* specifications than my much loved precious previous camera.

You are grey – I hope you won’t mind me decorating you with some bright stickers! You are slightly tiny for my the size of my hand; already there’s been a bit of slippage, and potential droppage has occurred as you know – you heard me almost swear – good thing you have a wrist band! We can make it work though, I think. I look forward to many happy photo shoots with you.

Love Meg x o


[PS to Bold Souls, if you care about our environment (as do I): I haven’t in fact buried the red camera, it will be recycled for it’s components somehow]


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