Selfies in hats

Hello Lovely Bold Soul!

I hope this finds you, if not currently wearing a hat, at least appreciative of hats and their role in the universe :)

This series of selfies (aka. Self Portraits), is by request of the (unofficial) Facebook chapter of The Bold Soul Tribe, and is to show my new hair cat cut and also my happy hats. This is not a representation of the roles I play – haha, 3 is probably not enough – you too? I am simply lucky to have 3 warm hats, which also make me happy. Oh dear – so many shots of my goofy face!

Hat 1: Red Hat (newest)


Hat 2: Bobbly Hat (I made it)


Introducing my new grey camera!

Hat 3: Rainbow Hat (gift from a friend)


All 3 hats at once


The new haircut

me_looking into lens

Love the way my hairdresser has kept most of the frontal pink streaks, and mostly shortened and funkified the back. It’s officially “easy care” now!

Have a hatty er, happy day :)
Love Meg x o

PS Be advised: don’t get me started on scarves! :P
[Hello Rachna! Thank you for the wonderful bright half scarf – I love it!]


PS2 If you want to check out Vivienne McMasters gentle photographic self portraiture courses you can use this affiliate link or this regular link. I have done her courses “Wading In” and “Montage”, and am currently doing a self-study “Light Hunters” – utterly wonderful and recommended :)


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  2. you take such an awesome picture – and each of these seems to capture a different aspect of you. Fun! LOVE the haircut – I need to do something with mine. Maybe stop cutting it myself!

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