Help! I’m lost in the Bold Art Emporium!

Hey Bold Soul!

Hoping this finds you happy – perhaps with a big ball of string or a friendly minotaur – and finding your way around any labyrinths you wish to master!
I am trying wearing the shoes of one who is unfamiliar with online galleries/shops and could use a few tips – I know you’re awesome smart – this is just in case you feel ‘smart but not techy’! If you are comfortable ‘seeing what’s there’ in drop down menu type web situations, feel free to skip this post as it’s a super basic introduction to the artwork section of my site.

If you were visiting my house, I’d show you my artwork in my ikea drawers…

thriving and stripey cat in a drawer

Online, though, this is how it’s found:

Once you’re on the Bold Art Emporium page, you can narrow your search by category using the ‘drop down’ theme menu or just (Harry) potter around. The art is categorised as much as I can – there’s even a Cat Cat-egory! Say, you’re looking for a Wedding present or 21st Birthday gift you might choose Bold Souls to start with. Or Cat Art for your favourite cat loving aunty – or your good self!!

category optionsIf you aren’t sure whether you should click Flowers or Garden and you can’t find the pic you’re looking for, try the other. There is just one category per picture in this particular system!

At the top you can choose other ways to sort the artwork and whether you want ‘list’ view or ‘grid’ view. You can also revert to All Categories :) From the grid or list view you can choose a picture for a more detailed blurb. Once you have an artwork on your screen with the description you can also click the pic to enlarge and get a better look!
make-art-biggerIf there is a drop down at the top of the description near the Add to Cart button, that means you can choose, usually between the original print or painting, a digital print and greeting card, or possibly between themes as for a Bold Art Bundle.

drop down options

If the original One of a Kind Watercolour or entire edition of Limited Hand watercoloured Prints is sold out it will no longer appear on the drop down! As in the case of this Off Cut and One Off Trial Print – there’s just the one on offer, therefore no range of prices at the top of the item:


By the way, Off Cuts and One Offs? They’re trial prints and colourful experiments gone right – one off, original Bold Art for $100 and less – snap them up!

I highly recommend purchasing artwork Unframed – specially if you live on this beautiful blue green ball Anywhere Other than Adelaide, Australia! Sending your picture to you unframed saves us both money on postage and packaging, and reduces the likelihood of breakage/damage in the shipping process. Also, this will give you the chance to support a framing artiste in your own area :)
To get familiar with what framing might entail check out my eLeaflet on the topic.

Please send me a message if you have other queries! I’d love to be of help :)
Love Meg x o

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