300 Likers on Facebook Giveaway

[Update: This Giveaway is now finished. Thanks to the Bold Souls who entered – I am going to give you ALL a prize! Hoorah!]

Hello darling Bold Soul,

Hope this finds you enjoying your day. I myself am flanked by piles of ideas and a loudly purring cat, with the suns warmth and light filling the room – feeling pretty lucky!

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I’m so chuffed to have 300+ Likers on Facebook that I’m doing a Bold Art Giveaway! (I said I would).

Make a Bold Statement!

To win as yet somewhat undetermined bold art bounty (see below), leave a comment below stating either:

  1. What lights you up and makes you feel like a Bold Soul,
  2. How you aspire to live your Bold Life, or
  3. The qualities of a Bold Soul you admire (not who they are, just the qualities that you too aim for).

The giveaways will most likely include: printed bookmarks including ones with blue and purple backgrounds (updates of those available electronically), a special Bold Souls only bookmark design (usually earmarked for people who come to my in-person market stall wearing (or bearing) stripes or rainbows), greeting cards and other sweet stuff!
You are welcome to share this on Facebook, Twitter and what have you, as the more entries there are the more I will add cute goodies into the prize giveaway pool.

Please only enter if you are ok with giving me your 1) email so I can let you know you won, and 2) your physical mail address so I can post vibrant art prizes to you if you win!

This shall remain open ’til Australian Tuesday, when I will draw the winner using a random number generator. Go to it, Bold Soul!
See you in the comments section!
Meg x o

5 thoughts on “300 Likers on Facebook Giveaway”

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  2. What lights me up is Story. Stories of people overcoming their challenges, achieving their Dreams, blossoming into their own Bold Selves. These stories can be ‘fiction’, they can be non-fiction, that’s not important. What’s important is the message: that we can do it too. :-) :>

    P.S. Shared on Facebook :-) -B!:>

  3. Well, I am stepping into a bigger version of myself – one that I had thought of but put away as “impossible” only to find that “impossible” was a wall I built around myself. So I am boldly tearing down that wall and feeling quite naked and doing it anyhow. Onward!

  4. I aspire to be more like the wonderful Bold Soul who spent years teaching me the art of decoupage and prompted me to try different mediums as well. Love her for her amazing generosity of spirit, vibrant style of dress and use of colour in her art and decorating and just her enormous sense of fun!

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