Can we have some humanity, please?


Dearest Bold Soul,

I hope this finds you well and free. The above is my ‘not impressed’ face, taken when I returned home (lucky me) from a refugee rally on Sunday. The yellow badge is from Amnesty and reads: Seeking asylum is legal.

I am about to share a different part of myself to usual – a step towards being the Bold Soul I aspire to be! I usually try to stay “Professional” here, which often times may mean thinking I need to hold back on sharing some of my views. There is a part of me that gets disturbed by inhumane behaviour in Australia (and the world) and she’s typing today! Here goes…

Politics in Australia at the moment – in the lead up to our Federal election – is hideous, in particular regarding treatment of refugee asylum seekers. The ideal of humane treatment of fellow humans is being disregarded in a flurry of nasty intent and policy that makes a mockery of Australia’s signature on the Refugee Convention (see link/s below* to find out more) and churns my stomach.

I tend to get emotional and miss out key points when putting forward an argument, so I’ll direct you to someone who is beautifully calm and articulate. Julian Burnside QC was one of the speakers at the short rally on Sunday; he said never in his career had he put his voice behind a political party, and on this occasion he needs to support the Greens. Here is a short interview with Julian Burnside from Adam Hills’ show. (Here’s the link if the player doesn’t embed/work)

I am fascinated and appalled to hear how the Government speakers over the years have groomed us to be fearful of asylum seekers – and annoyed with myself that I may have at various points fallen for it.

Oh, and did he mention? We will also save a ton of money: $3.2 Billion! And all be able to sleep at night.

Imagine having your liberties taken away by the very country to which you were headed to regain them! I think: if the people were my own friends or family fleeing horrible situations, I would want them to be treated decently, too. Then I realise: We are each others friends and family.

The same meaning in very simple, sharable form (from posters in kitchens all around the country): “There are no strangers here, only friends we haven’t yet met.” And, remember the wisdom of Bill and Ted: “Be excellent to each other.”

Be kind to yourself and your living companions – and speak up!
((Big hugs)) dear one,
Meg x o


* More info:

Plenty of countries have more refugees by percentage than Australia does

The International Refugee Convention

ABC article on Prime Minister Rudd’s take on the Refugee Convention

Japan Times article

Sydney Morning Herald Greens campaign launch article featuring Julian Burnside’s support

Research into origins of the quote “For evil men to accomplish their purpose, it is only necessary that good men do nothing”.

Having refugees to stay in spare rooms cheaper

Seeking Asylum is a Human Right Avaaz petition

Not in my name petition


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  2. I’ve never been so disgusted with Aus’s pollies as I am now. I just don’t have the words to communicate the depth of my disgust.

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