Bold Living #31: Nasturtiums. Friends.

watercolour painting of nasturtiums with Georgia O'Keeffe quote

Dear Bold Soul,
Go ahead and pin, share and tweet this tall eminently pinnable tall artwork/graphic in celebration of good friendships, small flowers and noticing!

You’ll also notice that this is the same quote and picture that I used in Bold Living #7 – I think the typography is clearer and more confident now; I had fun playing with the different coloured punctuation! I love the quote, it reminds me of my fondness for friends new and old, near and far, from everywhere from primary school to the internet – you know who you are… ((squeezy hugs))

I’d post you some nasturtiums seeds, but it’s probably illegal :P
Much love,
Meg x o

PS As of this writing, the original Scarlet Nasturtiums one-of-a-kind watercolour is available; also as Digital Fine Art Prints and Greeting Cards.
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