Introducing: First Nasturtium; Broccoli and Gingham

Hello, dearest!

Hope this finds you cosy and comfortable. I am dressed for the weather (ie. warmly) but with options (layers) for when I get power surges! The colours are making me happy: red+pattern, red shoes, purple, and a green glass heart pendant.
I was most excited and intrigued to attend my very first Cat Show a couple of weeks ago, and have 170 photos to sort through! In the meantime here are my 2 newest paintings.

First Nasturtium

First NasturtiumTo read more – and to purchase – go here. As of this writing, the original is still available.

Broccoli and Gingham


Broccoli and Gingham


To see it in the Bold Art Emporium, go here. To get early bird notification of new art, and background stories, join my eNewsletter: [Tangerine Juice].

Stay tuned for The Cat Show pictures/post and Wear Flowers on Your Face [What’s that about, Meg? Coming soon, kindred spirit!] There’s lots more juicy fun in my Draft Posts section to set free into the world!
Did I mention that I am making a pet portrait network site? Just have to find an alternate name for it, as someone has my number one preference! Will keep you posted!

Much love,
Meg x o


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