The annual lorikeet season of beauty and gluttony — 4 Comments

  1. What gorgeous birds! I had never even heard of them before. Your pictures have added something wonderful to my rainbow palette.

  2. What a lovely colored bird! Between the lorikeet and the blue sky I can see why your art work is so bright and happy. Personally befriended a wild teenage skunk and named her Channel #0. She ate the cat food on our patio and I would talk to her through my bedroom window. She seemed to be okay with me and never sprayed. Not until one of our cats decided to defend his food. It took forever to get the stink out of the patio. Ugh! Have a wonderful Christmas, Nancy E.

    • Hi Nancy! You’re right… I’m drawn like a magnet to bright colours!
      Thanks for your friendly/stinky skunk story – I can’t imagine!
      You have a lovely Xmas, too. (Are you on my mailing list? I am sending out a Xmas email next week!)
      Love Meg x o

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