Time Lapse Bold Art (video)

Hey, brilliant Bold Soul!

I hope this finds you comfortable (whether it’s Summer or Winter where you are), able to have some retreat time over the holidays, and enjoying your surroundings and company. I am bursting to paint this fresh deliciousness I got from the Farmers Market yesterday – I’ll let you know how it goes :)

white bowl and glass jars holding basil, spring onions (in Summer) and blossoming poppies

I refuse to summarise or generalise anything about 2013 until it’s completely over, and there are 2 perfectly awesome days left to appreciate and enjoy. Instead of sharing a list post prematurely, perhaps you’d like to check out this cool time lapse video! It’s me painting (well, part of the process) a new bookmark holiday gift for souls who are on my mailing list. Click this to join my mailing list if you would like something like this but different next year. You can read about the other fun stuff you get too, before you sign up. If/when you do, I hope you’ll include your birthday… I am currently collecting lovely things for the Bold Soul 2014 Birthday email.

Did you like that video? Would you like to see more of that kind of thing? Let me know in the comments :)

I am planning to do summarising, acknowledging and intention setting with questions, writing, collaging etc, probably on Wednesday or Thursday.

Enjoy these last 2 precious days of 2013!

Muche love,
Meg x o

PS “Muche” was originally a typo, but I liked it, so it stays!

PS2 I am sporting my first ever black eye! It’s very small – if we were talking face to face you probably wouldn’t even notice it. I got it playing sport and it looks like this:

me showing my 'black' (pink) eye



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