Blooming Hearts

BloomingHearts_TitlepicDearest Bold Soul,

I hope this finds you rested and joyful, and starting to see the possibilities – or indeed beginning to make them happen – for the new year :)
Enoughness, spaciousness and wholeheartedness keep coming up for me, as I review 2013 and set my sails for 2014. Are they woven into your themes, too?

heart with flowers and patterns, paintingWhat inspired me to create Blooming Hearts 1 and 2?

The simple answer, bold soul: You!
During my Great 7 Days of Giveaways of 2011 we had a week of giveaways. [Haha, not surprisingly given the name!] The kindness and generosity of your replies that week filled my heart like a blooming Spring garden! My gratitude overflowed at the wonderfulness of the Bold Soul community :) Sometimes I don’t feel super articulate… wordlessly I made a mini (bookmark sized) watercolour of the vibrant left and right facing hearts that you see below!

blooming heart design on a pink tshirt

I looked, smiling, at the hearts and thought how much I’d like to wear one of them… and scanned them at super high resolution so they would convert to being bigger, and on a shirt.
Above: Left leaning, “Blooming Heart #1” Tshirt
Below: Right leaning, “Blooming Heart #2” Tshirt

right-leaning heart garden on an orange tshirtJust this past Christmas, I had some of Blooming Heart #2 printed so I could use them for my Xmas cards:

photo: blooming heart card with lime green envelope When my friends have been coming around over the break, they tell me they’re beautiful and ask to buy some – bless them! They did print up nicely; bright, huh?

You and I both know in our heart of hearts that we’d rather share and show love every day than to fit with the consumerism-advertisy-14th-of-February-Valentine’s-Day thing. The day is almost here; I’ve never before had anything ready to show you for it – and I adore making heart art! So, here it is, to use at any time of year that suits you… bright heart gardens for beloved you or beloved other.

Love and Peace and Joy,
Meg x o


PS Click the top or bottom picture to see Blooming Heart #2 as a greeting card in my Bold Art Emporium. Click the tshirt pictures to go to my RedBubble store to see/buy the tshirt designs. You can choose from a number of tshirt styles and colours, as well as sizes. You can even choose to print the picture on the back if you want to! :D

PS I’m going to be on the radio soon, talking about our community garden. I’ll try to get an MP3 to share with you :)

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