Happy Heart Day!

Hello Sweetie!
[Haha, I hope you like Easter Eggs!]

heart-leaf_green-and-purple_hello-sweetie… and Happy Heart Day :)
I’ve been saying Happy Heart Day to be all smart-arse and not too consumerist while still acknowledging Feb 14th. Now I ‘listen’ again though, a Day of the Happy Heart is an awesome thing. I shall call it that. And celebrate it every day.

photo of hand holding heart shaped leaf with blue chair in the background and with Happy Heart Day written in cute font
So to celebrate Happy Heart Day™ (hearty haha) today I’m sharing with you a handful of my heart images, for sheer enjoyment! [Oh, and obviously to pin/share if you like!]

heart-vase-petalsVivienne McMaster is a delightful proponent of the self-love-&-you-in-no-way-need-a-partner-in-February message. You can find out more about her Be Your Own Beloved photography self portrait course here. I haven’t done that course yet – I’ve done Light Hunters and others – but as Be Your Own Beloved is her signature program I hope to do it next time around. In her courses I’ve always ended up seeing myself differently, with more kindness and even love. This doesn’t go away after the course, it’s a change that stays!

me_heart chain_full length

I took this #selfy looking down to my feet several summers ago – maybe when doing one of Vivienne’s classes? At the time that top was not yet purple, the elastic was still stretchy and I still owned it. The heart necklace I still enjoy wearing (and photographing, see above). Haha, my feet have tan lines from my birthday Birkenstocks! Note to me: paint toe nails again.

Do you have painted toenails at the moment bold soul? What colour? I would love to know [Use comments box below :) ]

Much love,
Meg x o

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