Live Bold List 36: 5 tips for a Spacious Bold Life

Greetings, dearly beloved!

I hope this finds you well, content, hopeful. I myself am warm – #summerinaustralia – and proud of myself for not going on a planned outing that had changed from what I wanted.

Did you know one of my goals is to notice more spaciousness each day? The simple act of lifting my head when out running or walking, and noticing my breathing & surroundings for just a moment has lead to more spaciousness awareness throughout the day. Here are some of the other things I am trying…

Red Spaciousness

Live Bold List 36: 5 Tips for a Spacious Bold Life

  1. Keep your headphones in (on) but turn off the sound. Much as I adore being inspired and invigorated by podcasts or lively music, sometimes it’s just too much input. If you turn off the sound you’re pumping into your ears, you can keep in tune with the cadence of your steps, the beat of your heart and the meter of your breathing (even if you’re jogging and one or all are a little laboured!)
  2. Clear your house. Clear your schedule. Deliberately create time and make space in your environment. Say “no” if at all possible – particularly if you don’t want to do it anyway! Rearrange objects, errands. It turns out that the batching process encouraged for being green and saving money – grouping errands – works here too. Batch the town-in-the-car trips together. Batch the on-foot-local-drop-offs together. Do a bunch of cooking – and batch that washing up!
  3. Keep up your healthy habits. Go to bed early, exercise, do yoga, do things that are in alignment with your values during the day. Eat the foods that suit your digestive system.
  4. Go slower. Bicycle. Walk. Dance. Hoop. Skate? Go for fun – not purely for Exercise. The quality of the exercise experience is part of the equation. [Well, d’uh! I realise after 49+ years!] This leads to reducing stress and increasing happiness.
  5. Practice these relentlessly. But lightly. You can’t actually do all the exercise/clearing/errands for your life (or even for a year or a month) all on the first day of resolving to. It has to happen as close to daily as possible. Lightly relentless is the way!

Where I am

I am reading: “Finding Your Way in a Wild New World” by Martha Beck. Have you read it? I am loving reading it for a second (consecutive) time!

And that book was recommended by Pace Smith, who I am working with for the first 6 months of 2014. We’re working on spaciousness and other things too. Pace is offering a free ebook & teleclass* right now if you think some pathfinding is in order in your life. We are 2 months in, and I’m enjoying the process so far. Looking forward to our next session while enjoying new happiness and alignment along the way. And spaciousness :)

Enough, book, pendant

I’m wearing my “I am enough” talisman from Liz Lamoreux around my neck.
[Photo disclosure: I was feeling vulnerable, that my dear neck was not looking ‘publish worthy’; after cropping and adding a tonne of filters I softened my attitude. (Be nice!) I have put a small version of the original at bottom left of the picture.] If you like seeing this kind of ‘everyday’ photo from me, follow me on Instagram.
I have 2 ‘neck’ lino prints in the (awfully long but not tar sands related at all) pipeline! I think it’s a thyroid thing. And a voice thing. There’s blue involved. Stay tuned!

Where are you at?

Are you on a spaciousness quest too? Pondering ‘enoughness’? I’d love to hear how you’re going today in the comments section below.

‘Talk’ soon!
Meg x o


* I get some dollars if you buy something from Pace after using this link.

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