The Art of Food and a delicious Kids Cookbook giveaway

Dearest bold soul,

I hope this finds you happy, full in heart and soul. I am painting cosmos flowers and cat this morning, which feels light and good this mild Autumn day. Pigeon cooings punctuate the still, clear air.

Here is a little glimpse at my upcoming food art: banana capsicums, eggplant and kiwifruit. These 3 new artworks will be finished and on offer soon. For first looks, first dibs and exclusive little behind the scenes info, subscribe to my newsletter!


The colours of fresh healthy food inspire me, and I’ve been having wonderful health benefits from quitting sugar (or getting it even lower) – now I want to be more aware of my hunger and full feelings so the amounts correlate with my physical activity!

Here are “making it” photos of one of my favourite recipes in I Quit Sugar for Life: inside out, olives in the bread bread:


I have an affiliate link (ie. I get some dollars, too) for Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar products; they’ve been such a great resource for me personally; I feel to share. Sarah and her I Quit Sugar team have given me a copy of the new I Quit Sugar Kids Cookbook to give away. Exciting, yes?


Would you like to win a copy of this ebook?

To win a copy for your own self of I Quit Sugar Kids Cookbook, simply leave a comment below this blog post with your favourite kids healthy food or recipe. I will pick a winner next week based on the most healthy, creative answer. For me, popcorn was a real winner when my kids were little: fun to make and light and playful to eat! Haha, it’s still one of my favourite quick snack activities!

Looking forward to hearing your ideas. Good luck!
See you soon,
Love Meg x o

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