Get Up. Stand Up.

Dearest Bold Soul,

I hope this finds you well, perhaps with flowers blossoming in your general vicinity and small birds foraging and chirping (but not also stars and spirals circling your head that mean you’ve been knocked out, cartoon-like).
It feels a little foolish to admit it, but am not keeping up with the fluctuations of temperature, here. Maybe it’s partly a thyroid (and other things of my age) thing? Today it feels super warm – like back to Summer – but on the weekend my bare feet were freezing and I needed to don socks! Good excuse for stripey socks, I guess :P


Some of the organisers at GetUp have asked me as a blogger to pass on the following video, and I am happy to do so. GetUp is a group of people connected by a drive to make everyday people’s voices heard, in particular in regard to social justice, economic fairness and environmental sustainability. Common sense if you ask me. Check out the GetUp website for more information. And if you live in Australia and you’d like to fill in the GetUp questionnaire, go ahead – add your voice!

The below photo is from a polling booth at the 2013 federal election – I wanted to record that the hander-outers-of-leaflets from the various parties all had red shoes on. I overlaid onto it one of the images of the abundance of apricots from last season. In my visual/colour brain the double image symbolises that there is in fact plenty and we can all get along.


Wishing you red shoes, stripey socks, and the courage to show up and let yourself be seen!
See you next time!
Love Meg x o


PS Lots and lots of lino prints and watercolours in the (non tar sands) pipeline here, as you know if you follow me on instagram. If you want to get Very First Looks of my art, join Tangerine Juice my monthly-ish eNewsletter. It turns out I’m probably an enneagram 6 and prone to extreme loyalty – showing my art to my newsletter friends first is one of the ways that shows up!

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