Olives in the bread

Hey, quirkalicious Bold Soul!

I hope this finds you well, happy and allowing yourself small and/or large luxuries that improve the quality of your day! I myself am marinating in amazement at how eating this bread-with-olives is strangely uplifting!


I made it from a recipe in I Quit Sugar For Life*

I was basically already ‘off’ sugar (and gluten, dairy and high fodmaps foods) but felt I needed to re-visit this – remember I wrote this blog post the day I made the commitment again?
It’s made a difference; as well as doing some (non food related) personal growth work, this wave of reducing sugar again has made a huuuuuuge difference – my energy levels have stabilised and I my previous must-eat-every-2-hours zombie chant mantra has disappeared.

I bought these 2 as physical books online and they arrived surprisingly quickly. I also have the chocolate cookbook (available as eBook only). This is my instagram photo of them (filter and focus fun)!


Tell me, what is your equivalent of ‘olives in the bread’ quality of life or quality in the day? I’d love to hear, either below in the comments, on Facebook, or via the Contact page.

Wishing you olives in your bread (or your equivalent) every day,
Love Meg x o


PS If you add butter-equivalent and avocado (and maybe some cherry tomatoes) the day is already one great big swoon, after that everything else is a bonus!

* The links to Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar books above ^^^ are affiliate links, which means if you click through and buy something I get a few dollars. I am happy to share information that I think is quality and useful, in fact I think it would be remiss of me not to.

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