Bold Living #36: Banana capsicums and delicious life


Hey bold soul,
Hope this finds you well and that you enjoy this Banana capsicums painting!
Have a gorgeous, colourful day.
Love Meg x o


PS Much appreciated if you want to pin, share, tweet, etc.
As of this writing the original (just one), prints and cards of Banana capsicums on vintage plate are available in the Bold Art Emporium. If you wish you’d seen this picture weeks ago – sign up for Tangerine Juice eNews for first looks

PS 2 We’re making new friends! The next 2 posts here will be a blog swap and a blog hop! On Tuesday I’m posting an interview with friend and fellow South Australian visual artist, painter of the sea, Philippa Robert. The post after that is part of a blog hop – written by me, one of a round robin of blog taggings (also questions and answers).

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