Introducing: Night Jungle

Dear Kindred Spirit,

I hope this finds you well rested and your magnificence well celebrated! For you are indeed magnificent :)


Introducing: Night Jungle + a Bold Soul’s Story

Here is one of my new cat paintings. I wrote this about it:

This blue and green eyed beauty is entangled in his rosy environment! Who was first? The cat or the overgrown wallpaper? This is great for someone who wants to immerse themselves in the full – but sometimes messy – wonders of life!


Barbara Setzer, fabulous Bold Soul, responded with this magical story and said I may share it with you… Thank you so much Barbara! x o x o

Night Jungle

The cat was there first! She sat by the window awaiting the day so she could go outside and play. The flowers were brought to life by her wishes and they began reaching out to her.  As they touched her, she was visited by the memories of kittenhood and her first adventures outdoors.
The flowers took joy in this and became more adventurous, surrounding her with more flowers, each one providing a new memory. With the moonlight providing the perfect ambiance, the cat and the garden of flowers spent a night to remember.

See you next time with the second group of pictures in my experimental Bold Art Birthday Project – as of this writing I have finished 7 small paintings!
Love Meg x o


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PS2 To see more of the cat art that inspires me, have a look at this pinterest board.

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