Birthday Bold Art Project. Post 2: Pictures 6 to 10

Hello Delighful One!

I hope this finds you in the company of hope and joy, perhaps with a beloved feline close by. I am light of heart; feeling lucky to have locally grown green leafies and with a beloved feline close by!


Today is the second post about my self imposed Birthday Bold Art Project of 50 paintings, with the second set of 5 paintings. You may like to read my introductory post here.

Birthday Bold Art Project. Post 2: Pictures 6 to 10

I’ve been doing a little each possible day towards the series of 50 Paintings, and am expecting to be about done towards the end of November.

Folk have asked whether these are for sale. Yes! They’re $50 (Australian) because I’m doing 50 pictures, to muse upon and celebrate turning 50! You can find the pictures below &/or in my online Gallery Shop. Pretty good way to start – or build on – your art collection, yes?

The more the art dominated my life and my house, the more the house became a home.
~ Burt Reynolds in Architectural Digest, Sept 1983

You can order/pre-order any of the paintings, ie. secure yours even before they’re done! If the one you select is already sold, it will be marked as “Out of Stock”. Once the series is complete – mid-late November I’m guessing – all paintings will be shipped. (Later: I’ll ship them as we go)

To make this series something extra special I’m making available just the originals (not digital prints) and *maybe*  greeting card packs if there’s a demand. Contact me if you would buy such a thing or leave a note in the comments below. They’ll be for next year, not in time for Xmas – but they’re not really Xmas themed are they? Lol, so far at least…

If you have any other questions, please ask :)

All paintings are original and signed, I’m erasing or blurring the signature for the blog post. Here is the next wave:

Painting 6


#blue #beingheard #speakwithlove I’m still pondering this theme – have been all year, really – more paintings on this theme will follow!

Painting 7


” Ode to Getting Grey Hair”
I was surprised how many times I redid this one! 5 I think. Haha, there’s a reason I don’t do many human face close ups – they’re delicate!

Painting 8


“Starry Cat” or “The White Paw”
That contented cat expression… (loving the patterns too!)

Painting 9


Gifted Greens. Silver beet, peppermint and oregano. #qualityoflife

Painting 10


This is our beloved rescue cat … he looks as though he’s in a conservatory – the background turned from a plus sign (balance symbol) pattern into a tiled wall!

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See you soon :)
Take care,

Love Meg x o


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