Birthday Bold Art Project. Post 3: Pictures 11 to 16

Greetings Dearheart!

I hope this finds you well, happily busy and generally content. I am noticing a discernable sense of bustling towards Christmas – both outward and inward – and keen to retain a light, tight hold of of spaciousness and goodness!


Today is the third post about my self imposed Birthday Bold Art Project of 50 paintings, with the third set of 6 paintings. Not sure why, it somehow seemed a good juncture after 16 rather than 15. You may like to read my introductory post here or the second one.

Birthday Bold Art Project. Post 3: Pictures 11 to 16

I’ve been doing a little each possible day towards the series of 50 Paintings, and am expecting to be about done towards the end of November by a date less certain every time I revisit the thought!

Folk have asked whether these are for sale. Yes! They’re $50 (Australian) because I’m doing 50 pictures, to muse upon and celebrate turning 50! You can find them below this post &/or in my online Gallery Shop. Pretty accesible way to start – or build on – your art collection, yes?

You can order/pre-order any of the paintings, ie. secure yours even before they’re done! If a picture you select is already sold, the phrase “Out of Stock” will appear.

To make this series something extra exclusive darling special and keep things somewhat simple I’m making available just the originals (not digital prints) and *maybe*  greeting card packs if there’s a demand. Contact me if you would buy such a thing as a card pack. They’ll be for next year, not in time for Xmas – but these pictures aren’t really Xmas themed are they? Lol, so far at least…

If you have any other questions, please ask :)

All paintings are original and signed, I’m erasing or blurring the signature for the blog post. Here is the next group!

Painting 11


This theme is recurring for me this year. For you too? #speakout #speakup #speakwithlove Kind of looks like an elaborate neck piece, doesn’t it? Tangerine Man thought she was a painted (tattooed) lady though I’d intended the lower section (mauve with dots and bold floral) to be her tshirt.


Painting 12 – sold


This hydration lady has a watery dress, stripy socks, a grey streak and a bird familiar. Hydration is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? Life giving, and so simple. Mmmm…

Painting 13


Oh the things that get my goat! From socks with a hole in the toe, to a broken heart, to politics (#@%*) and dead rats… The bird colour scheme, if not the beak/shape, is borrowed from rainbow lorikeets.

Painting 14 – sold


Another of my big lessons this year! This one and #12 have been shipped to good homes :)

Painting 15


“October in Australia (Rainbow Lorikeet).” Walking back from a friend’s house I was lucky enough to get some pictures with my phone of these beautiful local birds for reference. Remember when I got philosophical about the parrots and how they decimated our apricot crop last Summer?

Painting 16


I was given this pink flower and told it wouldn’t last long – but its delicate, generous beauty lasted 2-3 days! Haha, I was expecting it to somehow disappear into thin air on the way home in the car :)

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Thanks for being here!
Love Meg x o


PS If the description and Add to Cart button doesn’t appear below, please click this.


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