Birthday Bold Art Project. Post 4: Pictures 17 to 20

Greetings dearly beloved!

I hope this finds you in fine form, fighting fit, frivolous, fanciful, free of care, light of heart, fast of foot and feasting on food. I am similarly lucky :)

Earlier I rescued Cat#2 from being locked in the garage whilst I was to-ing and fro-ing getting ready for a Christmas exhibition drop off tomorrow. (See sidebar >>> for dates and times, Adelaide Bold Souls).


Today is the fourth post about my self imposed Birthday Bold Art Project of 50 paintings, with the next set of 4 paintings. If you’ve missed any, here are links to read my introductory post here, the second one or the third.

Birthday Bold Art Project. Post 4: Pictures 17 to 20

Each possible day I’m doing a little towards this series of 50 Paintings. The end date edges inexorably closer. #gettingthere #almosthalfway #kindof #40percentdone

Bold Folk have asked whether these are for sale. Yes… They’re $50 (Australian) because I’m doing 50 pictures, to muse upon and celebrate turning 50! You can find them below this post &/or in my online Gallery Shop. Pretty easy way to start – or build on – your art collection, right?

You can order or pre-order any of the paintings, ie. secure yours even before they’re done! If a picture you select is already sold, the phrase “Out of Stock” will appear.

To make this series something special and keep things somewhat simple I’m making available just the originals (not digital prints) and *maybe*  greeting card packs if there’s a demand. Contact me if you would buy such a thing as a card pack. If you have any other questions, please ask :)

All paintings are shipped unframed. They’re original, and signed. I’m erasing or blurring the signature for the blog post. Here is the next group!

Painting 17


Lots of pretty Christmassy red and green. I’ve had a composition sketch for this guy ready for *such* a long time, so glad he’s finally here!

Painting 18


Running to the shop to get thread. In stripes and a rainbow tutu. As you do.

Painting 19


Found a feather, picked it up. And on this day I had good luck :)
Musing upon which angel may have dropped this feather from her wing (like in painting 2).

Painting 20 – sold


Here I tried to draw an abyssinian cat for my friends who have them … haha, perhaps it’s more like they have my friends?!

Hoorah for 40% complete of an oversized project at an overflowing time of year! Follow my Birthday Bold Art Project along as it happens on Instagram or Facebook!

Thanks for being you!
Love Meg x o


PS If the description and Add to Cart button doesn’t appear below, please click this.

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