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Greetings, dear one!

I hope you are keeping well, in whichever part of this beautiful, delicate planet you reside. :)

I am having a lovely time – making bunting, putting calendars and cards into cellophane bags, sewing a new bigger banner – getting ready for the Grand Christmas Bazaar at Flinders St Market (combined with etsy come to life) this Saturday!


In celebration of the upcoming extravaganza, I offer photos from a previous (Winter) Flinders St Market. Note that this weekend there is likely to be a different mix of stallholders!

Adelaide Bold Souls: The market is open from 9 both days, until 8pm on Saturday and 5pm on Sunday. (I myself am trading only on the Saturday.) Other weekends it goes until 3.30pm, so these will be long days. Even if I weren’t having my art stall, I think I would do a bunch of my Xmas shopping there (and I will!) It’s going to be a plethora of unique hand made goodness, with over 100 stalls – too many to list here! Go here to see the full list!

Aren’t the blue walls at this venue lovely? I wonder what colour the walls are in the extra areas we are to be using this weekend!?


Now the weather is heating up, I can barely imagine how it was cool enough to wear my rock star (furry collared) jacket!

I was rather taken by the chalk art that day:


My stall is a lot like my website … original artwork, calendars, greeting cards and a place to sign up up for my Studio Letters mailing list.

Here’s a close up of some of my wares. I’ve just had a heap more greeting card designs printed, too!


Some of the other things you can shop for at Flinders Street Market… Vintage finds…


Sweet sweet candles…


… you can also pause a while and take your time over a coffee. There are usually various lunch options, chocolate, and fruit and veg too.


There’s often a happy caravan full of Art called the Sunshine Van, with lots of cool cards and things for gift giving.


This particular market a lady had a stall next to me with cute childrens’ clothes.


Colourful vintage!
Is that a marimekko cloth on the back wall? (Haha, yes, I may be the right age to have been aware of such designers in the 70s. You too?)


I hope you don’t mind the portrait shot Mr. Tea Catcher… (if you do let me know and I’ll take it down)… You’re visage is part of your brand, I think!


Smiling friend at her vintage collectables and hand crafted items stall.


The Coco Stop have enticing artisan chocolate. They even have a super low sugar / high chocolate (85%?) for folks who are curbing their carbs/sugar for whatever reason.


Yey! Vinyls!


And yes, the sound track of the market is vinyls too, adding more lovely quality to the atmosphere :)

Light and breezy, hand painted silk wares.


There are often adults clothing stalls too.


If you think you might want to head our way this weekend… this is what the outside looks like at 230 Flinders Street. This time we’ll also be inhabiting the sheds to the left.


There’s a loo over the road at the German Club, if you need one. (They graciously allow us to use their facilities).

You may also see this wonderful yarn bombed bike :) Love it!


So these photos were taken back in Winter. Some of the same stall holders may be present this coming weekend some not, but this gives you an idea of the vibe and some of the range. The slogan for the Flinders St market is “Find your new favourite place”, very apt… the stallholders, organisers and customers are all friendly. It’s family friendly, too. Whoever is there, I think there will be a wonderful group from whom to buy unique, handmade Christmas items! The Christmas slogan is “It’s beginning to look a lot like a handmade Christmas”. Hoorah!

Thanks for reading this photo essay snap shot essay.

Love Meg x o



PS If you’re wondering about my 50 paintings Birthday Bold Art Project (bless you), it’s coming along s.l.o.w.l.y and steadily. Keep an eye on my instagram and facebook feeds for progress – I’m 1.5 pictures away from the next blog post, which incidentally will be the half way mark. Hoorah!


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