Birthday Bold Art Project. Post 5: Pictures 21 to 25

Happy New Year, you beautiful individual! x o

I hope this finds you mentally clear, physically rested, emotionally smart and soulfully purring. I have a ‘home day’ today after a very busy 6 weeks or so, and have been taking my sweet time to do my yearly collage – so satisfying. (Would you like to see it, and hear about my process? After a few years of doing it, I’m finally getting in the groove!)


This is the fifth post about my self imposed Birthday Bold Art Project of 50 paintings – the next set of 5 paintings! If you’ve missed previous posts, you can check them out here: introductory, second, third, & fourth.

Birthday Bold Art Project. Post 5: Pictures 21 to 25

Bold Folk have asked whether these are available for aquisition. Thanks for the questions… yes, they are! Note down the number of the picture you like, and go grab it here in my Gallery Shop!  If someone else has gotten to it first, the phrase “Out of Stock” will appear. To make this series something special and keep things somewhat simple I’m making available just the originals (no digital prints).

You can pre-order any of the paintings… ie. secure your chosen one before it’s even finished (if you’re that kind of bold)! They’re AUD$50 to fit with doing 50 pictures, musing upon and celebrating turning 50!
Have you other questions? Click >> to ask :)

All paintings are shipped unframed. They’re original, and signed. I’m erasing or blurring the signature for the blog post. Without further ado, here is the next group!

Painting 21 – Sleep is Magic


Don’t we know it? Sleep really is magic! Scientists agree :)
I’m really not a fan of “sleep when you’re dead” thinking. I like being alive and getting plenty of magical sleep! There was a brain scientist on the radio. Apparently, the little loop in our brain that runs the check “…is that true/likely?” on our myriad of daily thoughts, takes lots of energy to run. So when we get depleted (tired, run down) there may not be enough oomph to run the loop. Without it, we can become ‘down’ or make not-so-good decisions. I reiterate: Sleep is Magic :)

Painting 22 – Appreciating flowering and edible nature


There’s no denying it: We’re interlinked with our surroundings. This woman (me/you?) is entwined in vine, decorated with and amongst Forget Me Nots and marigold-like flowers, whispering birds, and awaiting the ripening of the pears. (And what a pretty dress!)

Painting 23 – ideas blossoming


Love this nest/hair of ideas and marigolds, with falling autumn leaves, and blue background to contrast.

Painting 24 – Black and White Cat


This gorgeous cat and his cool background are inspired by a picture posted by cassie on Instagram. The photo reminded me of our beloved black and white boy, Frank (who long ago went to cat rainbow land) and the gorgeous vintage furniture I adored in our first rental home (and was frequently inspired to paint). Denim folded washing completes the picture!

Painting 25 – Spring (rainbow toenails)


Put your feet up!
Yes, we really have spotty chairs! Sometimes I have rainbow nailpolish, but as of this painting I have a strawberry red colour growing out! Need some self-care time to get the rest off and re-apply! (Later: I now have a fresh coat of rich, deep purple.)


In case you’re wondering, I’ve had a break for Christmas, and the busy season at work, but I fully intend to finish the 50 paintings. That’ll be my first series complete for the year.

This series so far has been great fun for me – I hope for you, too! Choosing to somewhat ‘churn’ has made me push a few comfort edges. I’ve painted faces and angels and women and my feet. The ‘churning’ also is a good opportunity to poke at themes I’ve been wondering about, and a chance to experiment with looser painting. And the fact that the 50 are taking a while, is giving me plenty of percolating time to ponder 50-year-old-developments. Right now, I’m obsessed with the idea of sovereignity (thanks, Pace) and the addition of “Queen” to Maiden-Mother-Crone feminine archetypes. Just between you and me I’m thinking the next picture might involve a rainbow crown. Stay tuned!

Thanks, sweetie pops!

Thank you for all the Likes and Comments you’ve been giving me along this (slightly marathonic) series. I appreciate you following along as it happens on instagram and facebook. You’re keeping me going!

Love ya!
Meg x o


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