Birthday Bold Art Project. Post 8: Pictures 36 to 40

Dear bold soul,

I hope this finds you well and happy! *Hugs*

I’m excited! As of this post, there are 10 pics to go to finish my Birthday Bold Art Project! In fact picture 42 (entirely unrelated to the meaning of life) is done, and for the last 8 pics I’m taking requests. Do you have any suggestions? Any particular veggies? A particular cat breed? (Note: Not for a personalised Custom Cat pic!) Comment below or on Facebook with your neat idea!BoldArtProject-36to40-header

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When I started this project I said it would be:

  • “Talismans, records of the feeling, intrigue or flight of fancy of the day.
  • Or musings upon 50. Maybe about getting more grey hair and crinkles, or the lessening of the inclination to keep quiet when something needs saying. That sort of thing.
  • To acknowledge changes or growth that have happened and perhaps visually setting some intentions for how I’d like to proceed. We’ll see.
  • Very likely little noticings and appreciations of the everyday.
  • And color. Colour. Color.

What this is not going to be: Daily. Having a set end date. Perfect. Rubbish (if it’s not looking too good at a point I’ll recognise, I’ll record with a photo, shred and start over.)

What it is going to be: A small marathon. A celebration of little things. A possible yet hard challenge. Happy, perhaps. Colourful for sure.”

I think this project is turning out to be all of those things! Unexpectedly, I feel like a different person from Project Starting Meg! For a start, 3 seasons have meandered by. I started painting (Australian) Spring 2014 and am currently painting Autumn, by way of a bare foot Summer. I remember the me who started the series when I look at the first paintings – it’s like time travel!

This project is definitely reiterating my favourite themes  – cats, food, flowers, patterns … and it’s super fun to explore the feet and hands, and #whatIneededtohear self-reflection pictures too.

Birthday Bold Art Project. Post 8: Pictures 36 to 40

This group of 5 paintings illustrates my current obsession with having warm feet! Autumn + Winter are extending their icy fingers throughout the land! (Remember: Just Say No to Turkish Delight).

Painting 36 – Blue Shoes


It’s a footwear still life – of my comfy, gorgeously blue, lace up boots.

Painting 37 – Pink Shoes


Painting this favourite pair of faded Keen mary jane shoes has reminded me how much I enjoy them. The happy socks are Tibetan flower crews from sock dreams.

Pink Shoes_315

Painting 38 – The Shoes of Sincerity

Shoes-of-Sincerity_finished_630I wrote a whole post on this one. Check it out here: The Making Of the Shoes of Sincerity.

Painting 39 – Autumn Leaves


Gorgeous coloured leaves dropping, drifting down from trees everywhere I walk. Cloudy skies in between sunshine and rain. Autumn rainbows for spectrum spotting.

Painting 40 – Autumn Walk

legs wearing boots kicking up autumn leaves

I wrote an impassioned piece, for a course I’m doing, about mammal shaming. As soon as I’d finished writing, I needed to do this ‘hairy legged’ Autumn walk picture. Want me to post that piece so you can read it? Let me know in the comments :)

Are these artworks available?

Some of these pictures are available. These paintings are signed, one of a kind watercolours… at $50 each + postage, I’m aware (and have been told) that this is too low. However, it’s all part of this experiment: 50th birthday, 50 paintings, $50.

To make one (or more) of the pictures your own, either scroll down on this page or click this link. Then simply use the drop down menu to select the series number of the pic/s you want. Simple way to begin or build on your happy art collection, dontcha think?

I’m getting fond of this little-big project, as it along with you and I, make our way inexorably towards painting number 50.
I appreciate you following along here on the blog – and on instagram and facebook!

Talk soon,
Meg x o



5 x PS

  • Check out my interview – so happy to chat about with the Adelaide app developers about my back yard food growing experience
  • See the blog idea I responded to with an illustration; I sent it to the author (also my wonderful coach) who incorporated it into the original post! Woot!
  • South Australia dwelling bold soul? Next time you’re at Central Market, walk around the corner to Endless CafeBoutique-Gallery in Morphett St… get a coffee, or shoes and cool handbags, and see my art in real life! Tell the lovely people there that Tangerine Meg sent you :)
  • If you need a ready made resource for teaching music to 2-4 year olds, check out Fun Music Company’s PreSchool Music Curriculum. When I was helping out with the graphics, I could see how beautifully my friends know kids + music + teaching. “Children don’t talk about semi-quavers. They talk about ducks!” Delightful!
  • By the way, order bold art online, anytime! We’re contributing to Nepal earthquake aid with every purchase! I’d love if you’d let me know if you donate directly through TPRF too, it makes me happy to hear stories of bold souls’ generosity.


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