Birthday Bold Art Project. Post 10: Pictures 46 to 50

The long awaited final group of Birthday Bold Art Project pictures is here! Hoorah!

Tangerine Meg watercolour of mermaid and her cat - lots of blues and greens - header for final post about Birthday Bold Art Project

There have gotten to be more and more #whatIneededtohear pictures as we’ve gone along! Like many good things, this art project has evolved over the 10 (ten! really?) months into a process for knowing myself better. That’s always handy!

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Birthday Bold Art Project. Post 10: Pictures 46 to 50

Painting 46 – I Have What I Need

Pciture 46 of my 50th Birthday Bold Art Project_I-Have-what-I-Need_watercolour

This has become a evolution of inspiration sharings! #whatIneededtohear This is a simple idea, shown off dynamically with an elaborate dress and curlicue hair! Peace doves! Happy flowers!

Painting 47 – Kyeli’s Tail – SOLD

Work in Progress - the making of a mermaid painting for my Birthday Bold Art Project - from sketch to finished watercolour paintingI’m so happy that @Kyeli asked me on instagram whether I had any mermaid paintings…
It was fun to make this lady with colourful scales and hair – I even included a black cat like Kyeli’s cat! I’ve been wanting to do a sister mermaid to go with Rainbow Lady for some time :P

Painting 48 – Yellow Daisies

48th Painting of my 50th Birthday Bold Art Project - yellow daisies watercolour with blue background

This one came about while pruning the daisy bush – hoorah for bonus flowers to bring inside! The layout is very much influenced by Jessica Swift’s Pattern Camp … I figured that this could potentially make a repeat pattern, so I didn’t crash the flowers into each other like I might usually, but instead kept them apart so as to keep my options open for later! Do you think this would convert into a cute fabric design? I’m thinking cotton for summer dresses/skirts/pants…

Painting 49 – Embrace the Flawesome

49th painting of my 50th Birthday Bold Art Project_Embrace the Flawesome - Lady in a blue dress with yellow flowers, contemplating

I’m enjoying the self acceptance with this one. There are things which my picky eye didn’t like part way through this, but in the spirit of the self-acceptance, I’ve finished it and now I love her! #embracetheflawesome (Haha, I invented a useful word! Also: see note below re: enneagram learning.)

Painting 50 – Queen’s Birthday

50th painting of my 50th Birthday Bold Art Project_QueensBirthday - the Queen dances in her happy patterned dress, alongside pink flowers and a very tall fancy pink cake

Just a couple of weeks before painting this, Australia had a long weekend to celebrate the Queen’s Birthday. This picture also relates to our earlier discussion (back at painting 28) re: sovereignty and the bonus new archetype of women (Queen, between Mother and Crone). She’s / we are / are aiming for being independent, happy and knowing her/ our own preferences. And that’s good place to end this journey.

Are these artworks for sale?

Yes! Click this link to snap up the one you’ve got your eye on. Simply use the drop down menu to select the series number of the pic/s you want. Click this to view the entire project on one bold art project gallery page.

Woohoooooo! We made it!

I’ve very much appreciated your support and encouragement, here on the blog, on facebook & instagram, and in email replies to the monthly Studio Letters emails! THANK YOU!

Talk soon,
Love Meg x o


PS Haha, stay tuned for my next post about the Things I Learned from doing a Big Project!

PS2 I’ve been adding my art to fab new product lines on red bubble… perhaps you’ve seen this on social media? Here are a few of the items now available with Rainbow Lady on them:

RB_rainbow-lady-objects_630Click the picture to see the range :) I’m loving the rainbow + star leggings, and also the drawstring bags and journals … there are spiral bound and hard cover ones, & you can get blank, lined or graph paper!

PS3 The thing I love the most about Pace and Kyeli’s take on Enneagram *and* no doubt their (new) Enneagram podcast – I’m queued up to listen to the first eps – is that it focuses on the positive. When learning about the Enneagram, or any personality typing system, it’s a bummer to hear “This is how you suck.” (And being a 1-type, I take that right on board!) But Pace and Kyeli have a way of turning it around and saying, “This is a mistake that’s easy to make, and this is how you can turn it into an opportunity for growth,” in a way that’s inspiring instead of annoying. I feel a little more awesome already.

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