Birthday Bold Art Project. Post 9: Pictures 41 to 45

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In real time, I’ve started the final 5 of my 50th Birthday Bold Art Project, so had better get this post up before we start getting out the fancy outfits, decorations and cake (gluten and sugar free, of course!)


Like many good things, this project has evolved, over the months, into a process for knowing myself better. There seem to have gotten to be more #whatIneededtohear pictures as we’ve gone along!

Birthday Bold Art Project. Post 9: Pictures 41 to 45

Painting 41 – Pickled Epiphanies

TangerineMeg_PickledEpiphanies_315This is my visual response to the Pace Smith’s blog post: How to Pickle an Epiphany. Pace asked if I’d allow her to share the picture right there in the blog post. Yes, of course! Click the link to check out her good recommendations (and my pickled rainbow magic art response).

Painting 42 – Egg, Autumn Leaf and Pattern


Autumn leaves are all around here in the Southern Hemisphere at the moment – it’s been a late start to Winter proper (cold though, brrrr). The colours of the leaves make me want to paint and they’re almost heart shaped.

Painting 43 – You are Glee. You are You. You are Beautiful. You are Enough.


Take that message to heart, bold soul.
Another in the #whatIneededtohear series within a series. It’s cool how a bit of a pause + art can lift your whole day up even if you start off a bit despondent. (Note this one has an instagram filter on it making it out of focus at right. In reality the whole watercolour painting is sharp!)

Painting 44 – Purr Therapy

44-50_BirthdayBoldArtProject_purr therapy

This time it was a therapeutic cat who made my day. He’d woken me up at ridiculous o’clock and I was tired and cranky. The very same orange cat visited me when I was about to start painting, got up in my grill, and purred and purred and purred. Needless to say: I felt better. Has something like that ever happened to you?

PurrTherapy_315Makes me think of *We are made of star stuff* (Carl Sagan)

Painting 45 – Spring Cat

45-50_BirthdayBoldArtProject-SpringCat_315Definitely from my imagination … It’s Autumn-Winter-cold-feet-and-fingers-time-of-year here in Oz (haha, I may have mentioned!) I enjoyed painting and drawing rather loosey-goosey on the blossoms, as I had none to work from, just imagination.

Are these artworks for sale?

Yes – these 5 paintings are, of this writing, available. They are signed, one of a kind watercolours. For this experiment – 50th birthday, 50 paintings – they’re $50.

To make one (or more) of the pictures your own, either scroll down on this page or click this link. Then simply use the drop down menu to select the series number of the pic/s you want.

I appreciate you following along here on the blog – and on instagram and facebook! Color and your comments are keeping me going! Nearly there.

Love ya!
Meg x o


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PS 2 Remember, we’re contributing to humanitarian aid with every bold art purchase (note: not from my Red Bubble shop, etc). I’d love to hear if you donate directly through TPRF too, it makes me happy to hear stories of bold souls’ generosity :)
I was interviewed by TPRF here, which was also translated into French and now into Italian!

PS 3 Remember I interviewed Kate Lawrence, my friend and circus performer and teacher a few weeks ago? Kate has turned the Q&A tables in my interview here at her blog.

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    1. Thanks for dropping by and saying hello :) JL’s sculptures and paintings are wonderful.. thank you for sharing his art site with the bold soul tribe :) It was lovely to ‘meet’ you when you were translating my Bold Art for Bold Causes interview. Love Meg x o

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