Bold Living 46: Happy Art and Gratitude quote

Hand coloured lino print of happy woman with her cat - orange blue and green color scheme - paired with gratitude quote

Happy Art and Gratitude quote

I hope you like this pairing of my gratefulness / happy art lino print with Brother David Steindl-Rast’s quote pulled from his TED talk (below)! His quote is all around on the internet and initially I was having difficulty finding who had put this idea forward! (Even though it makes so much sense once you hear it that it seems like everybody and nobody said it!) Then last night I discovered that it’s part of this TED talk.

Have you watched it? In this 14 minute TED talk, Brother David Steindl-Rast turns on its head the happiness/gratefulness order we assume each day. ^^^ Click link in text to watch if the video below isn’t showing up correctly in your device.

If you want to share the happy art + quote, the first pic above should be a good size for Facebook, below is a tall narrow version for Pinterest, and there’s a Twitter proportioned one, too. Thanks for #sharingthehappy! #gratitude

LIno print of happy woman and her cat in the sunshine; the sky is blue; the sun, cat and dress are orange, vine tendrils decorate the sides.

And here’s one sized for Twitter … #grateful for (this moment that allows me to choose) that narrow font!

colourful art of woman and her cat in the sun; paired with David Steindl-Rast gratitude and happiness quotation

Talk soon!
Love Meg x o

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