Bold Interview 7: In which my Newsletter Tribe asks me Art Biz Questions

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When I asked my eNewsletter Tribe for if they had questions they wanted to ask me, I was surprised to receive these art biz questions about marketing and such. Except the first one. Which is about hugs.

Header for 2016 Sumptuous Calendars Page

I’ve enough confidence with the actual Making of the Art after many years of classes (with Adelaide legend Ruth Tuck Art School) and experience. The “sales and marketing” is the unfamiliar territory I’ve been soaking up information about for the past few years! I started out with a sour taste about “marketing” but have learned that there are nasty and there are good-beautiful-human-connection ways to go about sharing your makings/heart! I like the good-beautiful-human-connection ways! (Thanks, Leonie Dawson for showing and telling that being yourself and making a living is really possible!)

Would you like a congratulatory hug?

Yes, always with the hugs. I forget what the congratulations were for!

How long have you been selling your art?

I have been selling my art more by good luck than good managment for around 30 years. Seriously though? I’ve been making art a bigger part of my world and work for about 4 years – and I’ve been blogging since 2008! In about 2013 I had a conscious mind set change that I needed to learn how to Share My Artwork with Intention (Thanks Cory Huff from The Abundant Artist and Melissa Dinwiddie).

… and what are some of the lessons you have learned about sales and marketing?

“Sales and marketing” are the very things that needed conscious, gentle reframing from the attitudes I’d soaked up when growing up! I think some marketing gives itself a bad name, and I’ve no interest in that type of activity. I’ve basically reframed “marketing” as “sharing the art I’ve made”. And I think a lot about the ways I enjoy people I like sharing their thing/makings!
Sales Yes, it’s an exchange of goods for money. Also, something else is true, too…  Something is transmitted when I share my art, something that may resonate with you. (If not, no worries, have a happy day with things/art that light you up!) The point at which you want to buy from me is a very special point along a continuum of kinda Making Friends, really. (Thanks, Mark Silver / Heart of Business.) These purchases (thanks, bold souls!) also support me to make more art.
Marketing is simply “Telling people about my art” and “letting my art and myself be ‘seen’.”  This has necessitated doing personal growth work to feel I am ok/good/worthwhile to be seen! (Thanks Pace Smith for guidance and support with that ongoing pathfinding & sovereignty uncovering!) Luckily we can *practise* being ourselves and liking being ourselves – we don’t have to get it ‘right’ first time!

What sizes do you offer? and why…

I seem to have the best handle on watercolour paintings approximately 30cm x 30cm (12″ x 12″) or smaller. I think this may be because I am short sighted, and tend to peer in at details… I kind of lose the structure of the composition if I go too big! My ‘regular’ sized lino prints: I enjoy the challenge of using the size of lino that’s been pre-cut by the art shop (around 30cm x 30cm). You’ve heard designers say that sometimes a limitation gives one something to work with? I think that’s completely true. I’ve a new line of #littlelinos coming soon which will be halved in each direction, so will be a quarter of that size.

Prints and calendars are A4 (210mm x 297mm) – as will be the coloring books – greeting cards are: 148 x 105cm (4″x6″). These sizes are Australian standard sizes which makes them easier and cheaper to post! Also the A-sizes are based on the Golden Mean, which means the proportions are already visually pleasing :)

rainbow lady-objects_630

… also what types of products do you offer, and why?

Original watercolors and limited edition lino prints – because that’s where the other items begin!

Greeting cards, digital prints and calendars are the ones I produce with a local printer, on the most eco-paper we can get. I’m really excited about the upcoming colouring book! The range of different sizes and items gives many points of accessibility for you to get my happy art into your home, or choose for gifts.

I also am crazy about art on objects. Red Bubble, Society 6 etc, have an amazing array of objects with art on them – pouches (pencil cases), bags, clothing, journal books, clocks, tech covers and cases… the range seems to grow every time I visit! Tshirts are such an everyday, practical item. Art in every day life makes us happy!

Thanks for the Art Biz Questions!

I hope this gives you a little insight into my intentions and approach! If you have other questions, ask in the comments or email me from here.

Talk soon,
Love Meg x o


PS I’d love to see you in the Tangerine Juice – Studio eLetters tribe if you aren’t already :) It’s the best place for studio snapshots and other fresh, juicy art news from me.

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