Live Bold List 41: How to Be Lazy (5 Things to Try when you’re Tired and Overwhelmed)

We moved house! Now Tangerine Man’s and my commutes make our days m-u-ch longer.

And Today? I’m tired and overwhelmed. So I gave myself the option to: “Be Lazy”. Do you need some time out to recharge too? Take a day off if you can, or reserve yourself an hour. Here’s my short sweet list of simple suggestions…

Self portrait photo of my feet on a beach, with a foamy little wave coming up

Live Bold List 41: How to Be Lazy (5 Things to Try when you’re Tired and Overwhelmed)

  1. Do your own Thing. Ignore Everybody Else. Thanks, Leonie Dawson for stating that plainly, repeatedly. Great when you’re getting comparisonitis pains, too.
  2. Rest without Guilt.
  3. Minimise Commitments. Apart from taking care of any kids or parents you’ve acquired who need you! And take care of you just as kindly. Minimise the rest.
  4. Make something, if you feel like it. Don’t demand of yourself to make something for a reason. Pick a low barrier (for you) ‘making’ task & doodle, fingerknit or bake something easy. E-a-s-y makings only. E-a-s-y. Ok?
  5. Walk in nature. Today’s not the day to try to beat your running time or distance! Today’s the day for a longer than usual walk. Rhythm. Movement. Time to allow the air and repetition to make you new.

These ^^^ are also good ideas as society slides down the slippery slope to Santa and Summer! :P *Big breaths*

Have you any other super basic self care day tips? Leave us a message below. Oh, and feel free to paste in a link to your latest blog post, so we can come visit you while we’re pottering around the internet (lazily) :)

Love Meg x o


Later: Bold Soul emailed me with “…read or re-read a good book…repair jewellery…or fav clothes…colour in.”

It’s often the simple things, isn’t it? :)