Autumn Studio Clearance


I’m having a great big art sale!

Do you have your heart set on one of my juicy joy drenched paintings for your sweet home? This might be your chance to indulge in the everyday magic of colourful original art! Click this link to look at the Studio Clearance selection. Express yourself with a one-off piece of art to flaunt your individuality – at friends’ rates!
Get your hands on your favourite happy cat/flower/food/bold soul painting or lino print before I shut down most of my online gallery shop in preparation for my September exhibition.

Get 10% off

Use the code “ASC26” (without the quote marks) to get 10% off listed prices on unframed lino prints and watercolours, on any order over $99 until the end of April. A dozen original prints and paintings with a different look to my current work are already reduced to $100 and $109 (from $175 and more). Click this link to check if the One For You is amongst the Clearance pieces.

I’m throwing in free shipping for unframed, original art orders $99 and over!

Click the happy art pictures below to learn more – and grab for your very own – in the Gallery Shop.

Cosmos and sage (yellow glass)_800Half a glass of water_800

You can use the coupon code above on any of the unframed paintings and lino prints in my online store.

Feel free to contact me if you’ve any questions!
Love Meg x o


PS By the way, here’s the Clearance section link again.

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PS3 Pass it on, dearheart! Mwah! Thank you :)


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