Live Bold List 44: 7 Unexpected Things to Love About Lino Prints

Lino print blog post header - twitter sized - chunky font - photo is a lino block and lino carving tools

Sometimes when in the flow painting areas between the inky black outlines, I think of my lino prints as simply a vehicle for colour – but they’re more than that!

Live Bold List 44: 7 Unexpected Things to Love About Lino Prints

  1. The lino printing block is sometimes referred to as a ‘matrix’ – that tickles my fancy! I’m not sure if I qualify as a fully fledged SciFi nerd, but I’m on that track.
  2. The process simply can’t be rushed. The sequence must be adhered to and taken at the pace it can be taken! Great reminder for life!
  3. That very chronology of steps forces me to keep my idea & ‘message’ clear and …
  4. … the design well-planned to be simple and direct
  5. The graphic spectacle of peeling the print off the block and seeing it the other way around after all that work. The wonder doesn’t fade!
  6. Carving is fun in it’s own right. I like manoeuvering the lino tools to create the shapes I’ve planned.
  7. Backwards writing is really fun to plan out. I love the way I get to flip and imagine the backwards to make the forwards inside my head. I loved letterpress printing at Graphic Design school too.
  8. Bonus point: Lino printing is a wonderful lesson in embracing imperfection … Learn it! Live it! Love it! Another reminder of an important life lesson!


This is the “Content” lino block and a fresh print. I do editions of 9 when it’s a cat image in deference to their ‘nine lives’. Click the picture to learn more in my Gallery Shop.content lino print inked block and freshly printed image

And here is Orange Cat on the blanket complete, content and painted. Oh, delicious colour! :D bold lino print with black outlines, and handcoloured bright areas. Image is orange cat on harlequin blanket

More lino print references you might enjoy – including an upcoming class I’m teaching in Adelaide, South Australia

Click this if you’d like to check out my lino art pinterest board.

Recently I pondered here on my blog “Is a Lino Print even proper original art?You can guess what I concluded, right?

Want to follow along with my printmaking progress as I work very hard towards my (fast approaching) September exhibition? The best for that is on my Facebook page or Instagram feed.

If any of this inspires you to give lino printing a try, I’ve a class coming up in Adelaide, South Australia! Click this to learn more. Click here to book. There’s a maximum of just 8 per session. Book for the full series of 3 sessions and save!

Lino print lessons header - twitter sized - chunky font - image is an inked lino block and a fresh print on paper.

Maybe I’ll see you in lino print class – I’d like that, this stuff is really fun to share!
Talk soon,
Love Meg x o

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