Happy To Be Here Project: the Story So Far

2 photos overlaid with type; the left photo is a carved lino block with bare feet on sand, and cat paws at the top showing that he's overlooking the lino; the right photo is an ethereal, pale, double exposure photographic self portrait.

You know I’m working towards an art exhibition in September? Yes? Yey! … In the installation room at the venue, we’ll be screening a movie/slide show with photos from readers around the world. I’m calling it the Happy To Be Here Project. Bold souls who don’t live in the vicinity can be involved, and bold souls who visit the exhibition can see what other kindred spirits are seeing and doing.

I’d love you.you.you to be a part of this connectedness/sense of place project!

Are you percolating about what picture you might send?  Read on to check out some of the varied pictures bold souls have sent in so far…

This is me and the super delightful Philippa Robert. (Here’s our interview, and here’s Philippa’s website). Philippa came to visit me at the Flinders Street Market, which is in a building that’s a car park during the week – we liked the colour combo with the painted car park line!

2 people looking down at their feet in a carpark; the person on the left has red pants and black sandals with flowers, the person on the right has yellow clothing and green shoes. On the ground is a worn yellow painted car park divider line.

This beautiful handmade accordion book is from Ann Isik, a multipotentialite artist in the UK.

Ann Isik-Rochester Kent_accordion book_630

I love this bee from Debbie in Tennessee, US. After all, this is the Happy to Bee Here Project! I see what you did there, Debbie :D (BTW: Let’s save bees to save our selves!) How amazing is the yellow of those petals in the sun?!

photograph of bee feeding at yellow flower

These are Anthea’s hands making mini artworks that will be lovely brooches. You can see the care she puts into each piece, can’t you?

hands making jewellery surrounded by small items to be used

The idea of the Happy to Be Here Project is to get a sense of where people are in their world, on this planet. To get a little peek into their makings and surroundings.

Here is a set of feet at a community cinema:

photograph of 3 sets of feet, bare and in sandals, propped up on plastic orange chairs

And I love this comfort-on-fresh-soft-grass foot picture from friend/artist/bold soul Leigh. The grass is definitely green here!

happy bare feet on very green grass

I’m liking this already… We’re getting a sense of each of the participants places, and our connectedness around the world. It’s good.

We’re a little short of my project minimum of 20 pictures. Will you join in? All you have to do is take a picture of you/where you are and get it to me. For a few ideas and how to send, see “What photo would I take?” on the Happy To Be Here Project page! I’d love to put your photo in the next “in progress” post :)

I’d so appreciate if you’d share this along via social media or what have you – the more the merrier!

Leave a comment below or email me via this page if you’ve other questions!

Have a great week!
Love Meg x o



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PS Here’s the second progress post.

PS2 Here’s a good sized image if you’d like to share this with your people on Twitter (for which I thank you):

cat overlooking a lino block combined with a pale ethereal photographic self portrait, overlaid with header text in chunky font


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