Happy Fifth Bold Art Calendar Birthday!

Suddenly, I’ve been making bold art calendars for five years!

Header image backed by watercolour blues, with 3 vibrant art calendar covers and one open calendar. The covers read "Bold Women", "Still Life" and "Cats".Of course it’s not really sudden :)

It’s taken five years of art and design, persistance and discernment. But even before that, I intermittantly made calendars for friends and family from my young children’s art. #calendarobsession

Here are some inner pages from three family calendars that I’ve recently uncovered during a de-clutter / house move:

Three open calendars featuring children's artI love the left one’s title, “Mum with a funny had on” – very Frida Kahlo, isn’t it with the flowers (or swirls)? :D And perhaps a genetic – or indeed environmental – propensity to draw cats, on the right/blue one?

This is the cover of my first official, artist printed art calendar: It contained a mixture of my favourite themes: flowers, food, cats, and one Person Picture.

Evolution of the first bold art calendar cover

I’d intended to make a back cover info-graphic of some kind (while still undecided on what the front cover would look like) so souls could turn it over and see what pictures to expect inside, as one does. Counted the characters in “Calendar 2014” – twelve as it happens! – and experimented with my computer graphics skills to put the art inside the font, which was chunky enough to give a good glimpse. When done, I liked the graphic, colourful look and decided it would make a unique cover :)

This was a format I followed happily for the first four years.

Here’s one of the 2015 models. I printed Still Life and Cats for 2015 (curated and printed of course in 2014).

cover and inner layout of bold art calendar (food and flowers) from 20152015 for 2016

The next year, I stepped out of my comfort zone realising I unexpectedly had lots of People Pictures from my Birthday Bold Art Project. Unsure how to proceed with a title/ category I asked my instagram people, where the wonderful Bec Leigh suggested calling the collection Bold Women. I stepped out of another comfort zone and boldly went with it. [Did you know it was Bec Leigh who coined my tagline, Bold Art for Bold Souls? The woman is a genius.]

I seems we all have someone we think of when we hear the term ‘bold woman’. Perhaps even yourself?

These are the current, 2017, bold art calendars:

2016 for 2017

Last year, to commemorate my solo art exhibition I curated a Best Of calendar, called simply Happy to Be Here. And, experimented with a white cover instead of the now-becoming-familiar black ones.

I’d love to hear – below as a blog comment, or on facebook or instagram – how you’re going with your 2017 bold art calendar, or how one you’ve gifted has been received. Or have you received one as a gift? Which theme, and why do you think it was picked for you? And are you a bold woman, or do you know one? Please share :)

The current bold art calendar / collection is at the printers as we speak!

With this-years-for-2018 calendar cover design, I was nervous at first, changing the covers to just one image, though now I’m getting comradely with them. #practisingdiscernment #practisingboldness

You can see all the inner calendar page pictures if you look through the images in my online shop.

water colour background overlaid with bold art calendar covers in themes: cats, bold women and still lifesClick one of the pictures aboveĀ  – except the kid calendar or the header ones – to whoosh through to my online shop and order yours for 2018.

I only do one print run per year now, after learning very quickly from the first year two-rounds-of-ordering debacle! #limitededition #longstory #toomuchwaste

Life hurtles along

<Specific, universally human, yet private life circumstances have been unfolding> What have we to hold on to but our experience of the present moment, to do the best we can with what we have on our own beautiful path, and Kindness? Kindess always. *Big deep sigh*

Loads of love and light from Meg, a human x o


tall image with a watercolored background overlaid with 3 bold art calendar covers for 2018 and header reading "Introducing Tangerine Meg 2018 Bold Art Calendars"













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